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Tech Unicorn Valuations Are a Lottery Bet, Not an Investment

I recently came across Saku Panditharatne’s Bloomberg opinion piece, “Instead of Criticizing Tech Valuations, Embrace Them,” and as a former equity analyst, I wholly disagree.   My first piece for @bopinion ! It’s about … wait for it… why tech stocks are actually often undervaluedhttps://t.co/ze1DDXmigM — Saku Panditharatne (@asteroid_saku) July 16, 2020 In short, no.... Read more »

Apple iWatch: Russian Doll Edition

So, you guys do realize the iWatch is but a mini iPhone which is a mini iPad Mini which is literally a mini iPad which has its own mini version via the iPad Air which is a mini Macbook Air which is a mini Macbook, right? In other words, Apple has been re-releasing the same... Read more »

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About

Things That I Do Not Understand and/or Care About Bitcoin 3D Printing Bran Stark’s story line in Game of Thrones Juicing How to make my wardrobe transition from Spring to Summer Celebrity clothing lines Hulu Plus Candy Crush Benghazi Net Neutrality Raspberry Pi The Voice/American Idol/Glee/The X-Factor Leaning In   Things That I Care About... Read more »

Musings on Music Markets

This is a collection of some recent links and thoughts on music play, sales, and economics. 1) Artists are paid virtually nothing via streaming music sites like Spotify and Pandora. This is why some artists refuse the medium. The below (via Business Insider) is a summary of the pay per medium.  via Business Insider What... Read more »

Markets Too Frothy for You? Try This Charlie Munger Bronze Bust On for Size

Are you worried about the US stock market reaching all new highs day after day? Are you frustrated with the build of your cash sitting on the sidelines? Well, we may have found a way to put a dent in that cash pile (via @mungerisms): you can now invest in your very own bronze bust of... Read more »

Sustainable Local Markets via Slow Abacus-Driven Trading

Periodically, I wonder what my life would have been had I actually pursued graduate school after undergrad. I wonder things, like, would I have turned crunchier over the years as a Berkeleyan lifer? Would I have gotten really into bikes, seitan, and patchouli? Would I own IKEA furniture exclusively? Would I hang out at coffee... Read more »

Is there be Alchemy at Davos?

Not sure what to make of this Paulo Coelho tweet from the World Economic Forum at Davos recently:   1) Why is Paulo Coelho a regular at Davos? Are there dreams and Personal Stories and omens and pet rocks to be found there? 2) If so, can I get on the list? 3) Is it... Read more »

Some goon is trying to patent a formula to calculate incremental ROICs.

Via a coworker: Some goon is trying to patent a formula to calculate incremental ROICs. http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20060095352.pdf For those in the know, this is laughable. For those soon-to-be in the know, ROIC stands for Return On Invested Capital, a frequently used formula with quite a few different ways to calculate it actually.  One common method is... Read more »

John S from San Jose gives Goldman Sachs & Capitalism a 1-star review on Yelp

John S from San Jose gives Goldman Sachs & Capitalism a 1-star review on Yelp
John S from San Jose gives Goldman Sachs and Capitalism 1-star review on Yelp (via @goldmansuchs): I came here to apply for a job, I guess this is not America and noone goes job hunting door to door anymore. I came here on a Tuesday afternoon, had my trunk searched to get into the garage and... Read more »
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