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I posted this question to Twitter and Instagram yesterday and crowd-sourced a great list of scams.   Scams: – Trump’s tax cuts – Gwen Stefani’s “music” – Trickle down economics – Shaun King This will be a running list. What/who else to add rn? — cinnamon twists (@cinnatwists) July 21, 2020 In no particular order:... Read more »

Calibration Exercises for Communicating in the New Millennium

Agree or disagree — let’s at least try and get on the same scale. On a scale of 1 to Apple Maps, how bad is it? On a scale of 1 to The View, how insufferable is it? On a scale of 1 to Java updates, how needy is he? On a scale of 1... Read more »

Two types of people in life

There are two types of people in life: Those who honk at pedestrians at a crosswalk, and those who are secure with themselves; Those who enjoy Big Bang Theory, and those who possess an IQ above 50; Those who wait for people to exit an elevator before boarding, and those who can’t see past themselves;... Read more »

The Most Important Thing, According to...

Michael Bluth & Dom Toretto (Fast & Furious): Family George Michael Bluth & Mom: Breakfast Warren Buffett: Economic Moats Wu-Tang Clan & most of Asia: Cash The rest of Asia: Gold Pie lovers: The Crust Investment Bankers: Multiples Investors: Returns Traders: Earnings Buy & Hold Investors: Management Managers: People Employees: Recognition Vladimir Putin: Empire William... Read more »

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About: Winter 2015

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About Adam Levine How Smart Water “tastes better, I swear!” How Instacart, Postmates, other on demand delivery services make money Who is still watching Grey’s Anatomy Who reads or adds to comments sections with more than 50 comments Renee Zellwegger’s new face Uma Thurman’s new face Men... Read more »

Stuff Asian People Like

In addition to the staples…I’ve been brainstorming this list for a while. Suggestions welcome! Sales Discounts Coupons Deals Squatting Restaurants that don’t charge for tea or white rice Uniqlo Pencil cases Gambling Not voting Jade/Gold Giving cash as gifts The number 8 The color red Sanrio Hot Water Dispenser/Airpot Rice cooker Taking shoes off at... Read more »

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store Necklaces of twisted CVS receipts Winter scarf with CVS receipts taped together Fashion scarf using CVS receipts rolled up into threadlike state and then woven together Coasters and placemats made of laminated CVS receipts Packing peanuts made up of crumpled up CVS receipts... Read more »

Things That I Do Not Understand or Care About

Things That I Do Not Understand and/or Care About Bitcoin 3D Printing Bran Stark’s story line in Game of Thrones Juicing How to make my wardrobe transition from Spring to Summer Celebrity clothing lines Hulu Plus Candy Crush Benghazi Net Neutrality Raspberry Pi The Voice/American Idol/Glee/The X-Factor Leaning In   Things That I Care About... Read more »

Things That I Have Done Since This Conference Call Began

Things that I have done since this conference call began: Announced myself Tuned into first speaker on the call Started a grocery list Wished “Happy birthday!! Hope you’re doing well!” on two friends’ Facebook walls Paid my gas bill online Provided feedback on first speaker’s ideas on how to reinvigorate client interest on our main... Read more »

(More) Stuff White People Like

This is a tribute to the popular site, Stuff White People Like, for highlighting all this stuff that white people and I like. If ever the genius site creator decides to add to his list, here are some proposals (in no particular order): Brunch Cards Against Humanity Lululemon Allbirds/TOMS Pinterest Carabiners Bluetooth audio accessories Sharing Google... Read more »