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Tech Unicorn Valuations Are a Lottery Bet, Not an Investment

I recently came across Saku Panditharatne’s Bloomberg opinion piece, “Instead of Criticizing Tech Valuations, Embrace Them,” and as a former equity analyst, I wholly disagree.   My first piece for @bopinion ! It’s about … wait for it… why tech stocks are actually often undervaluedhttps://t.co/ze1DDXmigM — Saku Panditharatne (@asteroid_saku) July 16, 2020 In short, no.... Read more »

Markets Too Frothy for You? Try This Charlie Munger Bronze Bust On for Size

Are you worried about the US stock market reaching all new highs day after day? Are you frustrated with the build of your cash sitting on the sidelines? Well, we may have found a way to put a dent in that cash pile (via @mungerisms): you can now invest in your very own bronze bust of... Read more »

David Beckham Has Been Long Herbalife for Ages

In a recently filed 13-F, David Beckham revealed a new long position in Herbalife to the surprise of the investment and soccer community alike. Upon further digging, we at TotallyFakeNews have learned Herbalife is not only Beckham’s chief investment but his only. “I’m 110% invested — I’ve been buying the public stock and my own... Read more »
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