If Elon Musk's Pandemic Leadership Didn't Cancel Him, What Will?

Barron’s: you’re really going to continue to deify Elon Musk, who effectively deemed coronavirus a political distraction and defied/sued Alameda County shelter-in-place orders to stay open and re-open the Tesla factory? Workers tested positive shortly after re-opening, and others who spoke out against the unsafe conditions and stayed home to stay safe were subsequently fired.... Read more »

Amy Cooper is not just another Karen. She is a criminal and a sociopath.

Amy Cooper is not just another Karen. She is a criminal and a sociopath.
The Amy Cooper v. Christian Cooper case has been analyzed to death, and I don’t have any particularly new/nuanced views of it. But I feel it’s important to not dismiss Amy as just “another Karen” like Lisa Alexander, or as an extreme case of unconscious bias, or as a woman reacting in fear to a... Read more »

Game of Thrones Finale Rewrite: the Dragon Pit Council Scene

So the last season of Game of Thrones really disappointed me. Last three episodes especially, and the second half of the series finale pretty much killed me. I’m dead, you guys. I died. Unlike most people from what I’ve gathered, I was totally fine with Daenerys going fascist and Jon killing her. It was all too... Read more »

Calibration Exercises for Communicating in the New Millennium

Agree or disagree — let’s at least try and get on the same scale. On a scale of 1 to Apple Maps, how bad is it? On a scale of 1 to The View, how insufferable is it? On a scale of 1 to Java updates, how needy is he? On a scale of 1... Read more »

My findings on Attorney General Barr’s findings on Robert Mueller’s findings (Findings^3) 

May I summarize Attorney General Barr’s conclusions as, “Not this, but also not that”? So many more questions than answers. But really whatever the Mueller report actually says, it sorta doesn’t matter because we’ll believe whatever we want to hear. At this point, we have now years of conspiracy theory training courtesy of serial television... Read more »

USC just really wants to encourage a new generation of pole vaulters.

From the New York Times profile of Rick Singer: When he sought out photos of a student that he planned to insert digitally into a real image of an athlete, he breezily told one parent not to worry, he had done this “a million times.” In communications with colleges, he laid out false athletic credentials... Read more »

The Difference Between Asian Parents and White Parents

SCENE White moms browsing lighting fixtures at Restoration Hardware LORI LOUGHLIN Olivia’s going to USC next year! LORI’S MOM FRIEND KIRSTEN Oh my, congratulations, Lori! That is wonderful news. You and your husband must be so proud. LORI Thanks, Kirsten. We are thrilled. We all worked so hard for this. SCENE Asian moms squeezing fruit... Read more »

Helicopter Parents: A Guide to Getting Your Kid into USC

A decision tree for parents who can’t help but meddle.

Two types of people in life

There are two types of people in life: Those who honk at pedestrians at a crosswalk, and those who are secure with themselves; Those who enjoy Big Bang Theory, and those who possess an IQ above 50; Those who wait for people to exit an elevator before boarding, and those who can’t see past themselves;... Read more »

Not Your Mother's Book Club: It's the Demagogues' Winner's Circle

Not Your Mother's Book Club: It's the Demagogues' Winner's Circle
Imagine a book club discussing Oprah’s pick of the month, Machiavelli’s The Prince. This club’s members: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, Nicholas Maduro, and Kim Jong Un. They immediately all start going off, talking over one another, talking down to each other, egos writing checks their bodies can’t cash. There is no patiently waiting... Read more »