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The Aunt Becky story finally comes to a grossly inadequate close

The Aunt Becky story finally comes to a grossly inadequate close. Two months of prison time (which will likely be reduced to some sort of shorter house arrest given covid), a $150,000 fine, 100 hours of community service. Her husband Mossimo Giannulli got five months of jail time, a $250,000 fine, and 250 hours of... Read more »

The Democratic National Convention was a Social Experiment and It Was a Wild Success

Bulleted commentary on the Democratic National Convention below. Overall, it was incredibly well done given the extraordinary circumstances. Having planned a large event or two, the committee did a phenomenal job and set the bar quite high for the upcoming RNC. I think we all had low expectations for a virtual conference, given our individual... Read more »

Unpopular Opinion: Politics is hard, worthwhile, and respectable (most of the time)

Peter Breinart in The Atlantic asserts, “Kamala Harris Did What She Had To: In attacking her record on crime policy, her critics are ignoring how politics actually works.” In Sunday’s New York Times, the reporters Danny Hakim, Stephanie Saul, and Richard A. Oppel Jr. quoted David Campos, a former member of the San Francisco Board... Read more »

Biden's VP Gauntlet Was Cruel from the Start

I’ve long said that we are decades from electing a female President, and this whole VP debacle just confirms it. I groaned aloud when I heard Biden announce he would pick a female Vice President. I’m all for women in powerful roles, but it was clear from the start that Biden’s intention was completely off.... Read more »

Ed Yong's incredible perimortem on How the Pandemic Defeated America

Ed Yong at The Atlantic has published an incredible piece on the pandemic, which I highly recommend reading in full. He provides an excellent overview of how we got here. The coronavirus found, exploited, and widened every inequity that the U.S. had to offer. Elderly people, already pushed to the fringes of society, were treated... Read more »
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