My findings on Attorney General Barr’s findings on Robert Mueller’s findings (Findings^3) 

May I summarize Attorney General Barr’s conclusions as, “Not this, but also not that”?

So many more questions than answers. But really whatever the Mueller report actually says, it sorta doesn’t matter because we’ll believe whatever we want to hear. At this point, we have now years of conspiracy theory training courtesy of serial television dramas (House of Cards, Scandal, The Americans, Homeland), which have honed our cynicism and doubt to levels previously unknown.

This is what happened with Election 2016:

RUSSIAN CRONY: Boss, we’re all set up to intervene. Should we let Donald know?

PUTIN: Of course not. You’ve talked to him. You know how he is. Once he’s in office he’s gonna be implicating himself all over the place about everything without realizing it. Best to keep him in the dark, so there is some plausible deniability.

And now…we wait. For more Mueller. More fingerpointing. More grandstanding. and inevitably … James Comey’s New York Times Op-Ed tomorrow, in which he offers a completely unsolicited opinion on how Barr’s letter affects our democracy and his personal higher moral standards.

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