Two types of people in life

There are two types of people in life:

  • Those who honk at pedestrians at a crosswalk, and those who are secure with themselves;
  • Those who enjoy Big Bang Theory, and those who possess an IQ above 50;
  • Those who wait for people to exit an elevator before boarding, and those who can’t see past themselves;
  • Those who let people know when they will be late, and those who don’t acknowledge the value of others’ time;
  • Those who put toilet paper on correctly, and those who suffer needlessly;

  • Those who refill the Brita pitcher when they empty it, and those who expect the world to pick up after them;
  • Those who comment on YouTube, and those who have meaningful, real-life relationships; and
  • Those in power who condone the separation of families at the US/Mexico border via vacuous statements and/or inaction, and those who are not sociopaths.

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