Game of Thrones S7E5: Gendry's back!

Game of Thrones S7E5: Gendry's back!

Previously on Game of Thrones: Ser Davos was the best. Daenerys was the worst. Littlefinger lurked. Jorah pined. Daenerys over-enunciated “strategy.”

This week on Game of Thrones: Ser Davos is the best. Daenerys is the worst. Littlefinger lurks. Jorah pines. Daenerys over-enunciates “destroy.”


Daenerys’ ego is writing checks her body can’t cash. She demands that all people surrender or die. She destroys the Tarlys just because she can. Even Tyrion and  Varys ponder how to rein in their bratty queen. Basically she continues to rule as the Donald Trump of Westeros. Except this week, she’s bent on over-enunciating “desszzzsstroy.”

Jon and Drogon have a staring contest (while, notably, Drogon is down on bended knee) and Jon sorta wins in that he doesn’t die.

Bran rolled his eyes really hard and wordlessly sent his raven flock out to deliver some cryptic warnings. The actor who plays Bran must’ve been paid per-word this season. The showrunners had to pinch pennies somewhere pay for those CGI dragons.

Gendry’s alive! He looks and acts super manly and gets along with Jon. Check plus. He and Davos are my favorites at the moment.

Jaime and Bronn survived. Jaime is sort of a letdown with his undying devotion to Cersei. Sure, she’s carrying his kid, but even without child, he’d still bend the knee I imagine. I’m disappointed in him for sticking with her, but I really shouldn’t be surprised since this is the guy who crippled teeny, tiny, baby Bran in Season One. I predict something will be very wrong or off with Cersei/Jaime’s fourth child. Demon ghost baby like Melisandre/Stannis? Dwarf like Tyrion so that she gains some sympathy and feeling?

Sam decides he wants to be a hero and ditches Gilly and baby Sam to do so. I’m not sure why they make Gilly so simple. She serves to just let Sam talk out his big dreams and ambitions while she cares for the baby and sticks to a script of, “I’m a simpleton! Sam is so smart and I’m so lucky to have found him.” Why doesn’t she ever question his self-indulgent babble or remind him that he has a family to care for, too?

Sansa’s coat has some mega shoulder pads that are so huge that they make it look like she is actually wearing several wolves to keep warm. She and Arya have a much needed mini-sibling spat — too mini in fact, but this means that more will shake out probably next week after some lurky McLurkerson intervention from Littlefinger.

I’m really looking forward to Jon’s Seal Team 6 venture outside the Wall next week. Did he bring back enough (or any??) Dragonstone? Did he talk to Bran before heading out? Is he wearing enough layers? Did Ikea have enough in stock to outfit the rest of his crew?

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