The Most Important Thing, According to...

Michael Bluth & Dom Toretto (Fast & Furious): Family

George Michael Bluth & Mom: Breakfast

Warren Buffett: Economic Moats

Wu-Tang Clan & most of Asia: Cash

The rest of Asia: Gold

Pie lovers: The Crust

Investment Bankers: Multiples

Investors: Returns

Traders: Earnings

Buy & Hold Investors: Management

Managers: People

Employees: Recognition

Vladimir Putin: Empire

William Wallace: Freedom

Kanye West: Kanye West

Tim Cook: Finding a way to flip on Bluetooth

Edward Snowden: Online privacy

Facebook, Google, & the Cookie Monster: Cookies

Twitter, Instagram, & Libertarians: You

Consultants: Airline status

Parents of a toddler: The Afternoon Nap

Recruiters & Ursula in the Little Mermaid: Body language

Dad: Safety first

Auto Mechanic: An oil change every 5,000 miles

Mormons: A reliable bike

Buddhists: Karma

Catholics: Guilt

Kim Jong Un: ETA of next snack

Old People: Health

Young People & Rich People: Doing what you love

…This list will be continually updated. Please add any I’ve missed in the comments!

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