Stuff Asian People Like

In addition to the staples…I’ve been brainstorming this list for a while. Suggestions welcome!

  1. Sales
  2. Discounts
  3. Coupons
  4. Deals
  5. Squatting
  6. Restaurants that don’t charge for tea or white rice
  7. Uniqlo
  8. Pencil cases
  9. Gambling
  10. Not voting
  11. Jade/Gold
  12. Giving cash as gifts
  13. The number 8
  14. The color red
  15. Sanrio
  16. Hot Water Dispenser/Airpot
  17. Rice cooker
  18. Taking shoes off at the door
  19. Your own special house slippers + a set of slippers for guests
  20. Driving as if you are on a fantasy road with no lane lines, other cars, or minimum speed limits
  21. Calling other Asian races sneaky/tricky or greedy
  22. Re-using wrapping paper and gift bags
  23. Keeping house thermostat at 64 in the winter and making kids wear ten sweaters and use heated blankets
  24. Corrective lenses
  25. Korean soap operas
  26. Salonpas/Tiger Balm
  27. Tea
  28. Zojirushi
  29. Piano/violin lessons from K through 12
  30. Kumon/math camp
  31. Soy sauce/Sriracha
  32. MSG
  33. Dark meat chicken
  34. Ginger root, scallions, shrimp chips, boba, tofu, squid, pickled vegetables, congee, shredded dried fruits and meat, meat-filled buns
  35. Taking white friends to dim sum or hot pot
  36. Eating dry ramen
  37. Unflavored, unsweetened soy milk  in unlabeled plastic jugs with red or white caps
  38. Using the real menu written in only Chinese
  39. Ordering food for the entire table without consulting the table
  40. Speaking in native tongue about other races while less than 3 feet away
  41. Sunblock, parasols, giant visors, detachable sleeves
  42. Facial masks, skin lightening serums, BB cream, Korean skincare products
  43. Double eyelid envy
  44. Face cloth, face brush
  45. Outlet shopping
  46. Counting/estimating relatives’ ages based on their zodiac year/animal
  47. Little plastic containers/cases for every toiletry or office supply ever created
  48. Reusing plastic takeout containers/deli tupperware/pickle jars
  49. Nikon/Canon DSLRs
  50. KFC
  51. Hoarding hotel shampoo/soaps/lotions
  52. Kitchen drawer full of ketchup packets, salt & pepper, mayo, mustard, disposable chopsticks “for rainy days”
  53. Buddha shrine in the corner of the kitchen, lined with oranges
  54. Japanese cars
  55. Owning cash-only dry cleaning shops or restaurants
  56. Flushing red with alcohol
  57. Phone accessories
  58. Knee high socks
  59. Eating meals out of bowls rather than on plates
  60. Calligraphy
  61. Stationery
  62. Free calendars
  63. Instant coffee mixes with sugar and cream included
  64. Perms
  65. Having a variety of rubber gloves at home: all colors, sizes, thickness of rubber, depending on the task at hand
  66. Asian glamour shots
  67. Filial piety
  68. Herbs in cooking and medicine
  69. Beautifully crafted bookmarks
  70. Using chopsticks only & a strong slurp for soup
  71. Vitamins
  72. Going to Chinese restaurants on Thanksgiving/Christmas day
  73. Fortune tellers
  74. Fish sauce, fish balls, fish cakes, fish paste
  75. Mochi

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