Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store

Things that I Plan to Sell in My CVS Receipt Etsy Store

image via myfoxchicago

  • Necklaces of twisted CVS receipts
  • Winter scarf with CVS receipts taped together
  • Fashion scarf using CVS receipts rolled up into threadlike state and then woven together
  • Coasters and placemats made of laminated CVS receipts
  • Packing peanuts made up of crumpled up CVS receipts
  • Winterize-your-home insulation material made of snugly packed CVS receipt packing peanuts
  • Reuseable paper bags of layered and taped CVS receipts
  • Scrap paper pads using the backs of CVS receipts
  • Chopsticks made of very tightly rolled CVS receipts
  • Rapunzel rope designed for ogre/fire/prison-escape, made of extremely tightly rolled and knotted CVS receipts
  • Shelter for two, same material as above

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