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Is there be Alchemy at Davos?

Not sure what to make of this Paulo Coelho tweet from the World Economic Forum at Davos recently:   1) Why is Paulo Coelho a regular at Davos? Are there dreams and Personal Stories and omens and pet rocks to be found there? 2) If so, can I get on the list? 3) Is it... Read more »

An Idiot Playing an Asshole

As someone wise and witty once said, Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, “jOBS” is basically an idiot playing an asshole. I’m not planning to see the film, but this photo alone suggests that assessment is probably spot on. That and the fact that Steve Wozniak even says the early drafts of... Read more »

Some goon is trying to patent a formula to calculate incremental ROICs.

Via a coworker: Some goon is trying to patent a formula to calculate incremental ROICs. For those in the know, this is laughable. For those soon-to-be in the know, ROIC stands for Return On Invested Capital, a frequently used formula with quite a few different ways to calculate it actually.  One common method is... Read more »

Look. Skymall is awesome.

Everyone I know loves to make fun of Skymall for its absurd unnecessary products of the imagination that were somehow brought to real life because of a failure of due diligence and research into customer needs and market size at several consumer goods/lifestyle companies. But. Have you ever considered that maybe consumers just don’t know... Read more »

It's Guilt Humor Sunday!

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It’s okay. You have my permission to laugh aloud. Exhibit A: Whites Only Laundry (above) Exhibit B: Django Guilt. “…D2: the Mighty Ducks and now Django Unchained…” Exhibit C: Meet a Black Person! (previously)

new year, new you, every me, and every you

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“you can’t work with someone who won’t be worked with” — jillian michaels on the biggest loser. i) what? ii) i am afraid of jillian michaels. iii) is this show supposed to be inspirational? because i’m watching it while stuffing my face with dessert and rooting for the chick who just quit in week one.... Read more »
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