About CinemaJaw

Quite simply stated, CinemaJaw is just people jawin’ about movies (hence the name), but there's more to it than that:

CinemaJaw began back in September of 2009 as a weekly podcast on the topic of movies. Hosted by Matt "Matt K." Kubinski and Ryan "Ry The Movie Guy" Jagiello, on the podcast you can find some of the best guests and interviews in Chicago accompanied by movie discussions with Top 5 lists, debates (we call them CinemaWARs) and even trivia games. Our third member, and Audio Engineer of the podcast, Filmmaker Eliaz Rodriguez joined us in 2012 and the podcast continues to put out a show each week to this day! This blog is an extension of that.


Here's The CinemaJaw boys

That being said, we plan to have ChicagoNow exclusives and this will not just be a rehashing of our podcast.

We are stoked to be on ChicagoNow and we hope to entertain, educate, and thought provoke the heck out of you as often as possible. Movies has proven to be such a universal topic, and everyone seems to have some sort of relationship to the cinema. We try to keep the banter light, and don't spend too much time delving into what lighting choices by were used by which director and why. After all, this is about movies, and movies are for everyone.

What to expect from this blog:
- Exclusive Interviews
- CinemaWARs
- Behind the scenes looks at movies, videos, and what it takes to be a content creator
- And of course some movie reviews

What not to expect from this blog:
- Just a bunch of movie reviews
- boredom
- Anything less than the Greatest Movies Weblog Ever.

Thanks for checking us out!
Feel free to drop us an email if you would like to get in touch for any reason at MattAndRy@cinemajaw.com


'Til then...Keep on Jawin' About the Movies!

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CinemaJaw with an Oscar

Did we mention Oscar winning? No? That's because it isn't true... yet.