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How The Hell Are Sticker Books Popular Today?

My 6-year old is loaded when it comes to toys. He has an iPod, an iPad, an Xbox, action figures and enough dart guns to barely wound somebody. Yet he is obsessed with sticker books. He has NFL, NBA and NHL kinds, but not MLB because baseball sucks. Each book contains team pages with placeholders... Read more »

Dear LeBron: Please Stay in Miami for My Son (and Me)

Updated from an earlier version   Your Majesty King James: Earlier this season during your interview with NBA TV, you indicated that you don’t want to leave Miami. “At this point,” you said, “I can’t. At this point, I can’t. We don’t know what can happen from now to July, you know, so what I’ve... Read more »

Dad, Who is Donald Sterling?

“Dad, who is Donald Sterling,” my 6-year-old asked when he overheard my wife and I quietly discussing this week’s bombshell. You can’t get anything past my son. He demands explanations, which is taxing but also demonstrates his inquisitiveness. When Anthony Weiner pulled out his cock again, and my wife and I debriefed, my son had... Read more »
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