Chocolate Diapers is about my experience as a father. And it’s very honest. Because it’s honest, it’s also funny, dark, angry, sad, inflammatory and irreverent. It is what it is. Finding inspiration is never a problem. I just pay attention. Once, I was going to the bathroom while tending to my older son when he was a crawler. He rifled through the under-sink cabinet as I sat on the toilet, helplessly. But I was most bothered because I couldn’t think of a good blog topic for that week. Then I paid attention to the current situation and had it.  I don’t need something whacky to happen in order to tell a story. Parenting is a collection of small interesting stories. Sitting on the toilet with your youngster in the bathroom isn’t whacky. Every parent is forced to do it. Writing about it is.

I grew up in Miami, Florida and attended high school at Fordham Prep in the Bronx, New York. I moved back to Miami to attend the University of Miami, where I studied film and English. At the turn of the millennium, I moved to the Midwest, first living in Indiana then ultimately Chicago.  Miami was and will always be close to my heart. For that reason, I am a die-hard Miami Hurricanes fan. I spent much of my childhood in section U/V of the Orange Bowl—sitting in a cloud of beer stench and next to a lovable biker gang of hillbillies—in awe of the future NFL talent on the field.

I've worked as a journalist, teacher and business writer, and I am now starting a career in sales.

Fatherhood is worth writing about, and I hope you enjoy my perspective. Thanks for giving my blog a whirl!

You can contact David at david.telisman@gmail.com or via Facebook.


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    Chocolate Diapers

    I am a vitamin D-deficient former Floridian--who, despite the spring...er...extended winter--loves Chicago. I contradicted convention (and common sense) by moving FROM the beach to the Midwest, but Lou Malnati's and any Italian beef sandwich reinforce that I made the right decision. I also got a wife and two sons out of it, and I would do anything for my family, except miss a Miami Hurricanes football game. This is my take on fatherhood. You can contact me at david.telisman@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

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