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Freshman Guide to the University of Chicago

Freshman Guide to the University of Chicago
Being a freshman is a pretty intimidating experience. Not only are you forced to move to a new environment with few friends and no family, you usually live with a stranger and move to a place you have never lived before. But don’t worry- you’ll survive. Plus, ChiU is here to make that process a... Read more »

Chicago Latino Film Festival

    Sick of just doing and seeing everyday things? Well, starting this Friday, you will have the opportunity to experience something completely different. Chicago prides itself on its diversity, but how much of that diversity do we actually experience? Do we actually ever take the many opportunities presented to us to experience a new... Read more »

Take The Plunge

      Annie Gudorf, Sophomore, Loyola University Chicago Each day on the shuttle ride from Loyola’s lake shore campus to it’s water tower campus, I get to enjoy the view of the wonderful Lake Michigan. Of course in the spring/fall time the lake looks so refreshing and inviting, but once winter hits…..not so much.... Read more »