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Eats Around The Town

As the weather gets warmer, I feel compelled to take more time to relax. There is something about the sunshine and warm weather that allows me to not stress about school and everything else that I have to do and allows me to just sit. Lately, what I have found myself doing is waking up... Read more »

Summer Fun: Volunteering in the Sun

    Summer is soon approaching. Have you had the chance to make plans for the summer, whether it be working, interning, traveling or doing nothing?  Most students are trying to fill their time with summer internships or summer jobs to either gain some “real-life” experience or make enough tips waiting tables to pay for... Read more »

Advice for Considering Transfer Students

Advice for Considering Transfer Students
Let me preface by stating that I am not transferring from DePaul. It is my lucky roommate that is taking the plunge into unchartered territory and dropping this glorious waste of money which we call the largest private Catholic school in the nation. And after much back and forth talk, we decided that it is... Read more »