About ChiU

Chicago: the Windy City, neighbor to Lake Michigan, a beacon of metropolitan life in the Midwest, and home to thousands of college students and the many colleges and universities they attend.

We (Chicago college students) are everywhere, doing everything.  From lugging our backpacks on the CTA to populating the crowded sidewalks on our way to internships, adventuring around diverse neighborhoods and exploring the nightlife, Chicago's college students are some of the most urban savvy, experienced, and active citizens of this city.

And now we've decided to share our lives as students in the city with you.

ChiU is a resource for college students and Chicagoans alike.  Our writers are all current college students sharing their knowledge and insight on a variety of topics: cheap nightlife, underground events, the music scene, the food scene, living/studying abroad, the political landscape, observations on being ages 18-22 in Chicago, and so much more.  We're residents of Chicago as well as students at our schools; Chicago is just as much a classroom as a lecture hall.

Expect to find music reviews, interviews, polls, political commentary, photography, event listings, volunteer/internship opportunities, witty banter, celebrity sightings, Chicago news, sports talk, recorded video, social media-ing and maybe even the occasional bit of wisdom that only comes when its 2:30 am during finals week and that mega-important project lays unfinished on the table in front of you.

Check back frequently and if there is ever anything you want us to cover (news story, restaurant opening, exciting meme) let us know and we'll write a post.
-Karis Hustad, ChiU founder/manager and the ChiU writers

Contact us: 1ChicagoU@gmail.com, @Chicago_U