The Best Enclaves In The City

As Chicago college students, we all know what it is like to lead a busy city life.

You know the moments: when your constant commute from school to work to errands makes the ‘el’ feels more like your home than your apartment, when you get stuck walking behind a gaggle of tourists on Michigan Avenue and you’re already late, and when you only view the lake from the window of your library, rather than strolling on its calming shores.

When those moments hit, it’s time for a break. And though the city can seem like more a haven for skyscrapers and traffic jams than places to zen and take a load off, we’ve found a few bubbles of calm throughout the city perfect for getting away from it all, while staying well within city limits. Check out these enclaves the next time you need a respite from busy city and work life.

For more information about each of these sites, visit their websites below:

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