Best of ChiU 2012

Best of ChiU 2012

In 12 hours, 2012 will be pre-teen history, and we’ll be ringing in 2013.

This year certainly was memorable. From a viral “Kony” video to the election and everything in between, 2012 was a roller coaster we won’t forget soon.

Here are the best ChiU posts in 2012. But the blog doesn’t end here. Tell us what you want to see from ChiU in 2013 by tweeting at us @Chicago_U, commenting on Facebook or sending us an email at

Thanks and have a safe and happy new year! See you in 2013.

Resolutions Every College Student Should Have: 2012 Edition
Take a hint from 2012– any resolutions you want to give a second try in 2013? Use this helpful list to guide your goals for the new year.

Kony 2012: The Background, The Video, The Critics
Who could forget that fateful day on Facebook where it seemed like every one of your friends suddenly became fascinated by the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony? Though the video was criticized as quickly as it was spread, this was definitely a big moment of 2012.

Does Money And Career Trump All For Women Today?
A valid question following a survey that showed young women are more concerned with having a high paying job than anything else. Will the trend continue in 2013?

Ode To The U-Pass
Any Chicago college student staying in the city for the summer quickly felt the pain of no U-Pass access to public transportation. Luckily ChiU poet laureate Laura Kujava provided a little comic relief to the situation.

Pride Parade 2012: Chicago Colleges + Photo Slideshow
Chicago Pride had one of its biggest years yet, with over 800,000 swarming the Boystown ‘hood. Did your school show its “pride”? Check out the photos and recap with this post!

Megabus Vacation
Why not start 2013 out with a mini-vacation? Here at ChiU we know funds are low for any college student, but our strategic location in the heart of the Midwest provides cheap destinations with cheap transportation.

Olympics: 5 Ways To Know You’re Obsessed
The London Olympics had most people glued to the TV set (or online streaming if you wanted to watch in real time). But there comes a point when Olympics-viewing crosses a line from enthusiastic to obsessive… keep this list on hand for the 2014 Sochi winter games.

North Coast Survival Guide
2012 was also the year of the fests: Lollapalooza brought a record breaking crowd, and new festivals popped up all over the city. One new staple has been North Coast Festival, and Tom Miller brought us the ways to survive the Labor Day weekend festival madness.

Election 2012: The Chicago College Student Perspective
The election dominated nearly all of 2012, and with Obama headquartered in Chicago, the Windy City had a front row seat to the action. This post provides a snapshot of the election, through tweets, videos and first-person perspectives.

An Ode To Finals Week
New ChiU writer Ashley Barillas rounded out the year with an ode to finals week, plus some tips on how to survive in school. Hopefully with her help you were able to kick your finals to the curb and head into the new year with great grades.

That’s it for now! Again, be sure to tell us what you want to see from ChiU in 2013 through Twitter, Facebook or email!

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