Senior Year Bucket List

Senior Year Bucket List

The sand is almost completely emptied from the hourglass that is college. What once seemed like enough sand to lay out and tan on, now seems like just enough to unwelcomely lay on the bottom of your shoe.

With time closing in, internships seem to be the trending topic of every fellow senior, and nervous twitches fill the class at any mention of the economy or the job market.

Seniors Stop and Breath! The end is near, yes, but the fun has just begun. My Rommie and I came up with this fabulous bucket list for senior year. We plan on doing each item and taking a picture of our activities. Now when we are old and thinking of the good ol’ days, we will have known we didn’t waist one grain of the precious Loyola Beach sand.

Here is part of our list, feel free to add ideas below:

1. Go on a boat

2. Have drinks at the John Hancock building

3. Attend Loyola’s president’s ball

4. Swim in Lake Michigan

5. Go to a Northwestern Party

6. Ride The holiday train

7. Ice Skating downtown

8. Run a 5k

9. Go to a Cubs game

10. Take cheesy bean pics

11. Busy hipster things in Wicker Park

12. See Saint Patty’s day green river

13. Volunteer

14. Bat at sluggers

15. Watch the sun rise at the lake

16. Eat Ethiopian food

17. Take a painting class

I hope you try some of these ideas, and please add your own ideas below. Have an amazing senior year, and if you are not seniors enjoy the ride while it lasts! 




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