From "Drop Your Pants" To Mini-Donuts: A Review of Beavers Donuts Food Truck

From "Drop Your Pants" To Mini-Donuts: A Review of Beavers Donuts Food Truck

About a week ago, I woke up to screams of “DROP YOUR PANTS”!

Though my first response, living in Chicago and next to a well-traveled alley, was DIAL 911, but when I peeked outside my window all I saw was a bunch of people running up the stairs to the rooftop of the Morgan parking garage, and a food truck parked across the street.

Having confirmed there wasn’t any illicit activity to report, I turned my attention to the obviously more exciting neighborhood event: the fact that a food truck had ventured into our quiet Rogers Park neighborhood.

Not only was it a food truck, it was Beavers Donuts– homemade mini-donuts and coffee, two of my favorite foods essentially driven to my front steps.

I checked their Twitter account (@BeaverDonuts) and to my relief they were there for the congregation of the No Pants Subway Ride (“Drop your pants” was their cheer, not the scream of a sexual predator, as the paranoid city-dweller inside of me had assumed).  I did not venture out to the truck on that Sunday morning (as I was now in fear of being caught up in a swell of pants-less CTA riders while I innocently ordered coffee and donuts) but I secretly hoped I would be able to enjoy a deep-fried treat in the future.

This morning, I did not wake up to the screams of Improv Everywhere enthusiasts, but I was thrilled to see a happy blue-and-beaver adorned truck sitting outside my building.  Rogers Park is a wonderful neighborhood with great coffee shops, but it is largely ignored by the food truck trend (as it isn’t Lincoln Park/Lakeview/Hip-Chicago-Neighborhood-X). But now that a truck has landed in our little ‘hood, I am happy it is Beavers Donuts.

Here is what I liked:

  1. Portable– Food trucks I have visited in the past don’t seem to understand that piling a giant sandwich in a flimsy open container is not convenient or cool.  Beavers Donuts threw four mini donuts in a tiny bag- I could grab my donuts and head off to class.
  2. Good coffee– If you are going to sell coffee in the land of Metropolis and Stella, it better be good.  As a college student whose intake of liquids is easily 50 percent coffee, I am happy to say their blend was phenomenal.
  3. Winter food truck– The majority of Chicago disappears into floor-length North Face parkas and darts from building to building during the blustery winter months.  But waiting outside for these donuts was totally worth it- and made me feel a little closer to summer.
  4. Cheap treat– At $4 for a coffee and three donuts (plus a free sample Cinnamon Sugar donut), their price is not far from my usual Dunkin’ coffee and bagel, and far more delicious.
  5. Mini-Donuts– Need I say more?  These donuts are no joke: deep fried with a crispy, buttery outside and impeccably light and sweet donut inside, they have traditional flavors as well as gourmet flavors (ex: s’mores) to appease any taste.

Have you ever tried Beavers Donuts? Would you go to a food truck in the winter? If you could have any mini-donut flavor what would it be?  Let us know!  Comment and we’ll comment back, or hit us up @Chicago_U.

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