DETOX After Finals

DETOX After Finals

Let’s be real, after finals your health (both physical and mental) is not at its prime. Skin is red and blotchy, mild colds have started building up and your mind is so totally messed up that doctors could come up with multiple diagnoses for you. So what can you do to de-stress and detox after finals? Follow these rules and you’ll feel better in no time.


For many college students the only food in their dorms are Pizza Rolls and… well.. pizza. While, those foods are staples during finals week…they are no longer necessary during detox.

While you are at home, take advantaged of the stocked fridge and eat plenty of fruit. Pomegranates are filled with antioxidants and are in season now! Be careful though, you may feel like you are in a scene from Dexter due to the blood-red juices.


During finals week anxiety is at its peak and with anxiety comes nail biting.  Make an appointment at a nail salon, or invite friends over for a nail painting party.

Having a perfect mani/pedi puts any mind at ease!


The libraries are a chorus of coughing sneezing and sniffling during finals. Cure your cold…and sleep deprivation with one good night of NyQuil Induced sleep.

Take a shot of that blue liquorish flavored savior and go to sleep for 8-10 hours of pure bliss. You will wake up well rested, and hopefully without a sniffle in sight.


Follow these rules and finals week will seem like a distant memory! If you have any other detox tips comment below, tweet us @Chicago_U or Facebook us.


 Enjoy the break fellow Chicago students! 

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