Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

I was taken aback yesterday when I saw the T-Mobile add which was set in a Pepto-Bismol infused factory, adorned with pink haired elves and the song “walking in 4G wonder-land” whistling in the foreground.

Many things deeply disturbed me about this ad… one of which being my utter disdain for the pink clad lady who makes her annoying presence in every T-Mobile add. More importantly, however,  the fact that THEY COMPLETELY SKIPPED THANKSGIVING.

I started noticing around me that everything is being Christma-fied: red holiday cups from Starbucks fill my office, overly large sweaters hang in stores, and lay-away-ads are on the rise. Where is the pink T-mobile turkey? The cups with colorful feathers?

Taking away the historical background of thanksgiving (the persecution, infestation and genocide of an entire populous of native people) thanksgiving has always been about family, food and well…giving thanks.

Here are some of the reasons I have found that Thanksgiving gets the short end of the Holiday-stick.

  • There are no gifts: This is unheard of in the “holiday realm.”  You get candy on Halloween, chocolate eggs on Easter, presents on Christmas and Hanukkah. I’m sorry but a measly turkey doesn’t cut it (especially having just watched Food Inc).
  • Thanksgiving promotes socially acceptable behavior (no fun): We are not dressing up like ghouls and knocking on people’s doors expecting to be rewarded. We are not putting a large piece of foliage in the middle of our living space. We are not sticking our heads in overhead lamps in the search for a pastel egg. We are sitting around a table…eating. Like every other night.
  • No magic: Enough said. Even the 4th of July has fireworks…and that is pretty magical
  • There is no distinctive season reserved for it:
    • Fall: Halloween
    • Winter: Christmas/ Hanukkah
    • Spring: Easter
    • Summer: My birthday
    • Thanksgiving: Awkward in between stage

Although Thanksgiving isn’t the most glitzy or glammy holiday,  it is a chance to gather with your family. This year take the holiday break as a time to turn off your cell phone and enjoy your family’s company, and PLEASE give thanks!

Do you think Thanksgiving is the forgotten holiday? What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Do you enjoy socially unacceptable behavior? Let us know @Chicago_U

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