Write For ChiU!


Dear Current and Future Chicago College Students,

Do you love Chicago?  Do you love College?  Do you love when these two wonderful worlds come together?  Then you would probably be the perfect candidate to write for ChiU.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Social media mavens
  • Photographers
  • Writers
  • Chicago enthusiasts

Here are (just) a few of the benefits of writing for ChiU:

  • Guaranteed clips/writing samples
  • Be a part of the awesome ChicagoNow.com blogging community
  • Exposure
  • Friends/colleagues across the Chicago area
  • Huge resume builder

Here is what we would need from you:

  • Commitment of writing one+ posts per week
  • Strong writing skills and/or strong photography skills
  • Ideas for your own posts as well as other posts
  • Willingness to work with other bloggers on topics
  • Understanding of basic social media
  • Love of the greatest city on earth (Chicago, duh)

What to keep in mind:

  • You DON’T have to be a communications/journalism/english major to write for ChiU (other perspectives and writing styles are welcomed!)
  • A unique perspective/way of blogging is encouraged as well (Better at writing haikus or taking photos than writing?  If you think you can tell a story, please apply!)
  • Special interests are good- if you have a passion for covering sports/food/theater/news PLEASE let us know!
  • You DO need to be committed- make sure you have the time to write!

Interested?  Here is what to do:

Email us why you would be a great addition to the ChiU team at 1ChicagoU@gmail.com.  Also include:

  1. School
  2. Year
  3. What you are interested in writing about
  4. A writing sample


**This is great experience for an Ad/PR enthusiast.  If you are really good at squeezing the idea of a blog post into 140 characters or making a Facebook Fan Page pop, please let us know.  We could use you.

Still not sure that you want to write?  That’s cool.  We’ll convince you.  Connect with us on our Facebook Fan Page, our Twitter or just comment below.

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