Summer Internship: Keep Truckin'

Summer Internship: Keep Truckin'

by Laura Kujava and Annie Gudorf

Let’s face it, our careers are not a game of Candy Land. We do not advance two colors at a time, our co-workers are not made of ginger bread and our worst day doesn’t consist of running into evil Lord Licorice. Candy Land does show us however, that even in a place made entirely of candy you can get stuck (in molasses or a piece of gum) or not save the princess on time! This childhood lesson  made me realize that although my internship is amazing, I still have to deal with a few pit-stops on the way to my perfect future self. Here are the highs and lows of Annie and my internship thus far:

Laura’s Highs

  • The people
  • The experience
  • Writing
  • Social Media Responsibilities
  • Meetings
  • Being in the city
  • Strategic Plans
  • Getting paid consistently

I love my job! I get an ample amount of responsibility and I work in an environment where I truly believe that my co-workers value my opinions. I get to be creative! Also, just recently my responsibilities have increased and I have started adding multi-media aspects to out social networking sites (super fun). This job keeps me busy… and I feel like my effort pays off.

Laura’s Lows

  • Waking up early
  • Sitting for extended time
  • Writers block
  • Tedious tasks (formatting, e-mailing lists, media list building)
  • Missing the sun

As much as I lucked out with my internship, it is not perfect. No college student should feel like they are exempt from tedious tasks. No I do not fetch coffee or pick up dry-cleaning, but I do a lot of formatting and media list building. What gets me through those tasks is knowing that there is a big picture to work toward! I am doing these things for Loyola and so that everyone else can do their job more efficiently. I hope that one day I will have an intern that can make my job easier too!

As for missing the sun, waking up early and sitting for a long time, that is something that you get use to. My tan comes from my thirty-minute break and the weekends, I go to bed before midnight and I try to stretch at my desk!

Annie’s Highs

  • The pay
  • The people
  • Company lunches
  • Overall experience
  • Getting to see the whole process from the brainstorm sessions to the release or launch of a new ad campaign or website
  • Having the opportunity to interact in media relations
  • Meetings
  • My office (our space is one of the most unique and amazing office spaces I have been in for a long time)
  • Variety of work I get to do
  • Having the opportunity to write and see it get put into print

I love my job!  The longer that I work here, the more responsibility I am given and the more projects I get to do. I feel that I have proved myself to my boss and now he truly trusts my work and judgment. I work with great people who are always so helpful and know how to have a good time at work. But probably the most enjoyable thing about my work is how much I am learning while doing it. Each project I learn something new about the industry and dealing with clients that I never knew before. It’s quite the experience. It is also an amazing feeling to know you helped build something, like a client’s new website, and then once it launches, seeing it and knowing you had a part in it.

Annie’s Lows

  • Waking up early
  • Sitting for extended time
  • Doing boring tasks
  • Sitting inside all day
  • I work in healthcare marketing for most of my job, so sometimes the projects can get a little dry.
  • Down time, when I have no work
  • Large mailings

I really like my internship, but it does have some down times. I am an intern, so I do get stuck doing lots grunt work. Mailings are probably the worst part. Our firm just launched a new branch and we needed to let the city of Dayton know that (aka send out a HUGE mailing). Of course the interns got stuck doing it. Lets just say  I am an expert at mailings now. But just like anything else, you have to take the good with the bad. I get through it, because yes it might be boring, but it shows we another side of the marketing process. I get to see the production side of things and how it actually works. I just know that every task I do, even the annoying ones, moves me a step forward in what I want to do.



Our Tips to get through an 8hr work day

  • SLEEP (7-8hrs a night) Aka no social life
  • Stretch
  • Set hourly goals
  • Make To-Do lists
  • Take a 5-10 min break to let your brain wander and breathe
  • For lunch-whether you go out or sit at your desk- make sure your meal is satisfying but not too heavy. This prevents you from being tired and sluggish for the rest of the day.
  • Take a walk on your lunch break (preferably outside)
  • Make sure that when you do feel stressed or tired, get up for a minute or two to re-focus and breathe
  • Laugh a little
  • Get creative.
  • Listen to your I pod when it’s appropriate (but often times it’s not)
  • Go out to lunch ( Gets you new scenery and refreshes your mind)


Want a question answered or want to share your internship experience with college students?  Comment below!

And check back next Monday for another edition of “Summer Internship” where we’ll talk more about the intern life.





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