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Summer is coming up.. and many students are looking for a summer internship. There are many elements involved in snagging the perfect summer job and each step is more confusing than the next. How do I write a standout resume? What is a cover letter? What should I say in my interview? I promise you, if these frantic thoughts have not crossed your mind.. they will! In order to help you cope with the stress, I suggest going to 

What is it? “Campus Grotto is a national college news website that covers a wide range of college-related topics, including student finance, study tips, college admission, college rankings, career advice, and college life (Campus Grotto).”

Why it’s so great: This website has everything a student needs to be successful at college and after college. With articles like ” How to Make Your Resume Stand out” and “Benefits of an internship” college students have easy access to the kind of information that they want to know. Along with the serious articles, Campus Grotto understands that college students are not always looking towards the future, so they have articles like ” How to Build A Loft Bed in Your Dorm Room.” Whatever college news you are looking for Campus Grotto has all the answers that you need.

Thank me later: When you are a CEO of the next fortune 500 company, thank Campus Grotto for helping you perfect your resume and ace the interview you had for that internship freshman year. Also, thank me for referring you to the website. It is never too early to prepare for the future! 

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