Chicago Latino Film Festival



Sick of just doing and seeing everyday things? Well, starting this Friday, you will have the opportunity to experience something completely different. Chicago prides itself on its diversity, but how much of that diversity do we actually experience? Do we actually ever take the many opportunities presented to us to experience a new and different culture? Usually not. We tend to stick to what we know and with who we know. 

Starting April 1, you will have a chance to experience something new and different, the Chicago Latino Film Festival. The Latino Film Festival is one of Chicago’s biggest and most diverse international cultural events. 

The Chicago Latino Film Festival shows over 100 films from Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the United States, and many other countries. In addition to the films, every year the Festival hosts international and national celebrities, which include filmmakers, actors, journalists and members of the film industry. 

Nearly 40,000 moviegoers (60% Latino & 40% non-Latino) enjoy the programming that includes film premieres, special events, food, music and cocktail in mainstream venues. The festival is definitely a unique opportunity for all Chicagoans, especially students, to partake in one of Chicago’s most diverse international events.


April 1 – April 14


After 5 pm on weekdays and after 3 pm on weekends


Landmark Theatres – Century Shopping Centre

2828 N Clark St

Chicago, IL 60657


General Admission – $11

Students – $10

For more information and for the complete film schedule visit here.

This is a great opportunity to finally get to experience a new and different culture that is so prominent in the Chicago area. I hope you all enjoy it! Tweet at us any of the favorite films that you see at @Chicago_U

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