5 reasons why you should donate to Relay for Life

5 reasons why you should donate to Relay for Life


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by Karis Hustad, Loyola University Chicago, Sophomore

I get it, you’re on a college budget.

There are things and stuff that need to be bought: books, coffee, a dress for Friday, a ticket home, a Friday night buzz to relax after a tough week of school.

But what if I told you that if you sacrificed one Chipotle burrito, one H&M dress or one night on the town, you could be helping find a cure for a disease affecting millions worldwide?

Yes, let the guilt sink in.  But seriously, here are five reasons why donating to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is worth a small hit to your bank account:



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1. Anything helps.

Your morning coffee habit may not seem like it would add up to much.  Why skip the caffeine fix and give instead to Relay for Life?  However, lets think about it this way: a tall coffee from Starbucks is $1.40 and between the nine biggest universities in Chicago there are 76,926 students (not counting graduate students).  If for just one day this week those students donated the money they would have spent on coffee, they would donate $107,696.40.  Even if you aren’t a coffee fiend, you get the picture.

2. Men: there is a 50% chance you will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in your life.  Women: there is a 37% chance you will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in your life.*

Talk about a sobering fact.  Yeah you may have a rockin’ bod now, with a healthy immune system and normally reproducing cells, but guess what?  It doesn’t always last.  There are a lot of factors that go into a person’s risk of getting a certain disease, not all of them in your control.  But one of the easiest ways to ensure you are taken care of in case that day comes (which we all hope it doesn’t) is contribute to finding a cure NOW.  Think of your donation as a preventative measure: a donation today keeps the cancer away.

3. You probably know someone who has been affected by cancer.

If this reason doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.  Even if you don’t know anyone who has had cancer, ask your friends, ask your parents, ask your grandparents.  You would be surprised at how many people have lost a loved one or who’s life has been affected by cancer.  If you care about someone who has been affected by cancer, you should care about finding a cure.

4. The American Cancer Society is legit.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but let’s just say we’re not dealing with some low-rent charity over here.  The American Cancer Society is the largest non-governmental funder of cancer research in the United States, spending approximately $130 million each year to fund external projects as well as their own research into finding a cure.  In addition, they offer preventative measures to catch cancer before it spreads, information, counseling and resources to survivors and caregivers, and services to promote policies and laws to defeat cancer. 

5. Conveniently, Loyola University is hosting their Relay for Life THIS FRIDAY March 25.  Oh and guess who is on a team….

Yes, Loyola University, your hometown Jesuit U, is having its Relay for Life on Friday.  I am also on the Loyola Women’s Club Soccer relay team and am currently asking for donations.  Cancer has affected my life for as long as I can remember, and has taken the lives of several of my family members.  It continues to remain a daily challenge for my family and close family friends.  Giving up a coffee a day or a new dress every so often or a night out is the least I can do to fight against this horrible disease.

So have I convinced you?  Here are the options to donate:

Donate directly to the American Cancer Society

Donate to Loyola University’s Relay for Life Event

Donate to Loyola Women’s Club Soccer Relay Team

Donate through my personal participant page (I have a goal of $150 and I would really like to reach it!)

Regardless of how you donate, please give to the American Cancer Society.

*Source: http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/CancerBasics/lifetime-probability-of-developing-or-dying-from-cancer

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