Snow Tales at UChicago

Snow Tales at UChicago
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Lynda Lopez

First Year, University of Chicago

At around 8pm tonight, rumors regarding a snow day started to arise. Students in my Residential House were burning with excitement.

“Is it true? Is it true? Another snow day?!”

Being the skeptic that I am, I was not convinced about the rumors that had been circulating. I retreated into my house lounge to do my homework while everyone continued to speculate about the possibility of another snow day.

20 minutes later, I heard loud commotion and screaming coming from outside the lounge. I anxiously walked out to find out what was going on. Surprisingly, I was greeted with screaming students.

“Snow day! Snow day!!! No school tomorrow!” they chanted.

The scene continued to unfold in front of me. Droves of students filtered out into the hallways to join in on the jumping and hugging! Students ran across the hallways  screaming and laughing.

If that didn’t showcase the excitement enough, my housemates went to other residential houses and jumped and screamed with a boom box.
It was complete euphora!

I had honestly never seen so many students just so utterly blissful! It looked like a scene from a cheesy teenage musical!

This has truly been an eventful day for UChicago students. Right in the middle of midterms, a blizzard hits, thus postponing many midterms. Earlier today there was an epic snowball fight in the main quad. It just seems like Christmas came earlier this year!

Snow day on Wednesday and Thursday!

Who could ask for any more?

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