Delorean Nites: An opportunity for Freshmen and Sophomores to go out and dance!



Parties in basements and dorm rooms with rap music blasting from the stereo: that is probably the stereotypical image of the American collegiate party scene, which I discovered was actually realistic as soon as I got here.

With the higher drinking and club entry age standard, it gives freshmen and sophomores little opportunity to go out and have fun outside of campus. I did miss the thumping electronic music, well dressed young adults and vibrant lights of the club scene I am used too, but then I discovered the monthly 18+ dance party hosted by Lincoln Hall and Midnight Conspiracy called Delorean Nights. (Pictures courtesy of Taylor Dahlgren)

The Lincoln Hall website describes Delorean Nites as transforming “stage into a showcase for electronic acts where the lines between club and rock show are blurred. With plenty of fist pumping, head banging and crowd surfing to go around, Delorean Nites has gained a reputation for being Chicago’s most epic indie-electro dance party.”

It started on February 5th with artists Destructo and Midnight Conspiracy. Yesterday the performance was opened by Chicago-based indie-electro band Gemini Club, who performed dreamy guitar melodies and live vocals against a minimalistic but thumping beat. Then as the nmight went out, Miami based avant-dance duo Afrobeta performed electro music also with live vocals, and using samples from cartoon show music.


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This is how the stage looked. Okay, so you can’t even see the artists, but when you had so much fun like we did, one just couldn’t be bothered to take good pictures.


Gemini Club performing


Our last glimpse of the crowd in the wee hours of the morning, before we left for home, I mean, dorm.

The atmosphere was really fun and intense! When you go out with your best mates, you get drunk and high from the music and atmosphere even when you’re sober. The occasion that night was that I wanted to go out and celebrate my 20th birthday with my great friends Weston, Seph, Taylor and Emily.

The whole night costed us $10 for entry (we could’ve bought tickets online for $7) We had fun laughing at the other drunk people around us, or crowd surfing (Seph was actually the first to crowd surf in the whole venue that night! And Weston enjoyed throwing people into mid-air), snatching glowsticks from other people or trying to touch the vocalists who would reach out to the crowd (like Emily did). Best of all, we tested out our creative dance moves and had fun laughing at eachother.

The great thing about Lincoln Hall is that it is a realtively small venue, and it’s located not far from the main colleges in Chicago (Loyola, DePaul, Columbia, etc.), even though we went just the 5 of us, we still saw alot of people we see around campus, even people who live in our building or are in the same class as us. The only down side of the night was that water costed $2 and there were a few creepers (but come on, you find those everywhere)



Weston and I with our glow sticks. You don’t have to bring your own, there are plenty of random strangers that will share their glow sticks with you.

Next saturday would be the last of the Delorean Nites series. Performing would be Designer Drugs, a well established Electro-duo from New York (they performed in Singapore, but I didn’t get to see them then). Entry is $15 and can be purchased here For a sneakpeak of their music and performances, check this video out:

Lincoln Hall

2424 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

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