Campus Question: What would you most like to see the next mayor of Chicago do for the city?


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Though it may not seem like we have the strongest presence in the city, Chicago college students are residents of this city for four very formative years.  Not only do these years determine lifelong friends, career path and identity, it also affects our view of the city: the experiences now tell us whether Chicago is a place we’d like to stay in post-grad.  That experience is strongly influenced by the person running this town.

But the mayoral race is connected to Chicago college students in multiple ways.  RedEye reported on Friday that almost a third of voters in Chicago are under 35 and some of the highest concentrations of young voters are in college neighborhoods.  In addition, the RockTheVote movement has been especially strong this race with events at hip locales, most recently at Rockit Bar & Grill.  The candidates also have Chicago college ties: Carol Moseley Braun attended UIC and got her law degree from University of Chicago, Gery Chico attended UIC and got his law degree from Loyola, Miguel del Valle attended NIU and Rahm Emanuel got a graduate degree in Speech and Communication from Northwestern. 

So ChiU took to the quad and asked Chicago college students:

What would you most like to see the next mayor of Chicago do for the city?

Free t-shirts anyone?

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Who knows?  Your question could get the college students of Chicago thinking next week.

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