Campus Question: How will you survive the rest of winter?


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By Karis Hustad (with photo/interview contributions from Adilla Menayang, Annie Gudorf, Laura Kujava and Katie Paul)

Before this week’s Campus Question, I want to give a HUGE thank you shout-out to Loyola sophomore Vis. Comm. major Elli Ouradnik for creating our new banner!

Hey guess what Chicago?  Youre totally not going to believe this, but there was this HUGE storm last week, yea I’m totally serious, like 70 m.p.h. winds, 30 foot waves in Lake Michigan, two feet of snow, Lake Shore Drive was totally shut down- oh wait, you heard about that?  That is all you have been hearing about for the last week?  You’re going to tell your grandkids you lived through it?  Oh okay, well I just wanted to make sure you knew…

Jokes aside, Chicago was essentially in the apex of a storm that swallowed half the U.S., dumping mounds of snow and ice (not to mention thunder and lightning) all over this great city, paralyzing residents for at least a day and inspiring countless puntastic twitter hashtags (#sOMG, #snowpocalypse #snowtorious B.I.G.).  Though at the time this meant a joyous snow day or two, what we forgot in the catastrophic excitement of it all was the ominous holiday that also falls on February 2nd: Groundhogs Day.

Considering the groudhog could probably not shovel his (her?) way out of his hole for two days, its pretty safe to say we are doomed to six more weeks of winter.  However, we’re going to have to get through it somehow and that inspired the Campus Question for this week:

How are you planning on making the best of another month and a half of winter?

Adopting a furry groundhog pal to keep you warm is always an option to keep in mind.

Will you depend on reading these Campus Question answers get you through the rest of winter?  If you have a suggestion for a great question or want your campus to be represented in the answers, PLEASE let us know!  Tweet at us @Chicago_U, email us, or drop us a comment. 

Who knows?  Your question could get the college students of Chicago thinking next week.

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