Take The Plunge




Annie Gudorf,

Sophomore, Loyola University Chicago

Each day on the shuttle ride from Loyola’s lake shore campus to it’s water tower campus, I get to enjoy the view of the wonderful Lake Michigan. Of course in the spring/fall time the lake looks so refreshing and inviting, but once winter hits…..not so much.

I hate coming back from winter break and staring out at the lake and seeing it completely frozen over. But strangely enough, the thought always manages to pop into my head, “I wonder what it would feel like to jump into the water. Is the water really that cold?”

Ok, ok maybe I do not think that all the time, but I do at least once or twice each winter and I know each of you has thought the same thing, at least once or twice.

Well here is your chance to find out just how cold Lake Michigan is in mid-winter. This Saturday afternoon you can join hundreds of other curious Chicagoans feel the freezing temperatures of Lake Michigan by participating in The Plunge!

PB Plunge

Each year the Lakeview Polar Bear Club holds a fundraising event to raise money for a selected family in need. This year the plunge will be held this Saturday, Jan. 29, at the Oak Street Beach at noon. The Plunge is supposed to have its best turn out yet. You can still register for The Plunge at http://lakeviewpolarbearclub.com/

So, get ready, set PLUNGE!

End up taking the plunge? Tell the rest of us how that water felt on Twitter @Chicago_U or on Facebook: Chi U !

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