New Semester, New ChiU

New Semester, New ChiU

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By Karis Hustad, Sophomore, Loyola University Chicago (ChiU Manager)

Though many Chicago college students have been in school since early January, now that Loyola is finally back in session I can officially say: welcome to the second half of this collegiate year!

Just as many of you are making resolutions for the new semester or quarter (see Campus Question 1/28/2011) ChiU has been making a few as well.  We are hoping to become your go-to resource for events, news and commentary on happenings in Chicago as well being a college student and because of that, we made a few changes.

First of all we have two new writers- Laura Kujava and Annie Gudorf, both sophomores at Loyola.  All they did was type an email to explaining what they wanted to do with ChiU and have both have debuted their first posts within the last week.  Send some comment love their way.

Second, we have decided to adopt a new format of posting: column style.  Each writer has their own column they will be updating every week, each on a different topic.  Are you interested in the mayoral election?  Lynda Lopez has you covered every Tuesday.  Want to know about upcoming theater events?  Markie Gray has the breakdown on Fridays.  Interested in the perspective of an Indonesian student studying in Chicago?  Adilla Menayang will be sharing his stories every Saturday.  This way, you can easily find what topic you are searching for and can check back every week on the same day and know that you’ll find a fresh post from your favorite writer waiting.

Oh and there’s more… (Read on!)

We will also be posting outside of our weekly columns on whatever we think would pertain to Chicago college students.  We aren’t corporate newspaper editors or part-time web designers- we’re just like you.  We are students living, breathing and loving Chicago.  And that will be extended to you.

We are also hoping to feature more students outside of the weekly Campus Question.  If you or another student is doing something cool (releasing a CD, harvesting an urban farm, creating a photo essay of people taking pictures of the Bean) let us know!  We will feature you.  That is a guarantee.  Send us a tweet @Chicago_U or email us

Otherwise, feel free to kick back and enjoy these weekly columns:


Katie from DePaul: The Witty City.  Think you know Chicago?  Think again.  Katie’s keen eye will be on the prowl to pick up the minute details of Chicago life you never would have given a second glance.  Plus, with an improv comedy background her observations on being a college student in Chicago are sure to entertain.

Laura from Loyola: See the Sites.  The internet is more than just Facebook!  Laura will be giving you the digital dish every  Monday on sites that college students can frequent to get cheap textbooks, throw a party using only your computer, flirt with the cutie sitting in your Econ class and so many more.  When you get sick of refreshing your newsfeed every five seconds, she’ll be there to help.


Lynda from UChicago: Election 2011 & Across the University.  Until the mayoral elections, Lynda will be writing every week about the proceedings as well as educating you on the issues.  After the election is over, she’ll be across the nation (figuratively speaking) seeking out issues pertaining to college students everywhere.  Think of her as CNN, but better.


Lauren from DePaul: Digitate.  Social media today means far more than Twitter and Facebook, and to get ahead in the employment world you’re going to need to know far more.  But never fear, our social media expert is here!  Lauren will be posting every week with a social media HOW TO on some really cool, under the radar sites.

Annie from Loyola: Around the Town.  Feel like Chicago is just one whirlwind of events you always hear about but always miss?  Annie is here to help.  Her weekly column will highlight an awesome Chicago event or concert, making sure your Chicago life is far from boring.


Julia from Loyola: Untitled Ramblings.  Literally her blog is yet untitled, but the mystery is half the reason you should read it.  From unconventional ways to make money to whatever is streaming through her brain at the moment, you always know when you check back every Thursday, Julia will have something entertaining and exceptionally useful ready for you Chi-college kids to read.

Alexa from UChicago: Art in Odd Places.  We all know Chicago is a major art city, but did you know art can exist outside the lion-guarded gates of the Art Institute?  Alexa will be letting you know about underground exhibits, alternative art and student work around Chicago.


Karis from Loyola: The Campus Question.  Continuing on with a popular post from last semester, Karis and the ChiU writers will continue to ask YOU, the college students of Chicago, what you think about the question on our minds.  Have a suggestion for the question?  Tweet at us: @Chicago_U, drop us a Facebook comment on our Fan Page: Chi U, or e-mail us

Markie from UChicago: THEAT(REduced). Chicago is a hotbed for theatre (the art, not the physical place) but where to start?  Markie will have the details on upcoming shows, student productions and reviews of recent openings all on a college budget.  Student discount anyone?


Adilla from Loyola: Notes from the Wanderer.  Going to college is a readjustment for everyone.  But what if going to college meant flying halfway across the world?  For Adilla, a world traveller hailing from Indonesia, that is the case, but so far the freshman has taken Chicago by storm.  Expect to find stories chronicling cultural differences, college firsts and Chicago tips from the ultimate tourist.


DAY OF REST except for Lynda (until the election).  She will be writing election updates so that you really have no excuse not to be well informed by the time the election rolls around.  As I said- she is basically the human equivalent of a 24-hour news channel.


Happy New Semester/Quarter everyone!  And don’t forget:

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