Campus Question: Will Facebook lose popularity?

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Facebook and college have become practically inseparable.  Whether its procrastinating for a test, searching for the relationship status of that cute boy/girl in chem class, keeping up on old friends’ whereabouts or responding to thousands of event invites, the social networking site has become a major part of college student life.

But didn’t people say that about MySpace?  Or what about Friendster?  And we can’t forget about when LiveJournal was all the rage.  All those sites have come and gone: how do we know Facebook is here to stay?

In light of Lynda’s recent post about the popularity of Facebook (vote in the poll!), we decided to ask those who use Facebook the most what they thought about the issue.  This week’s Campus Question is:

Do you think Facebook will eventually lose its popularity?

And yes, this will be posted on Facebook.

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