Thought Of The Day (TOTD)

A series of blog posts that have no link to Chicago - or to anything really

Retirement is like being a teenager again without the spots

My ideal dirty weekend is in a hotel that lets me re-use my towel

Tips for Michelle Obama on how to deal with a man suddenly at home full-time

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Sorry autumn, I've fallen for Fall

What's great about my bad. And what if Hillary and Donald used it.

When did you last change your toilet brush

Even after eight years, I still stop and think 'Wow, I'm living in America'

To our daughter who graduated yesterday - your life begins here

Nothing says 'Welcome home' more than your own bed

You know your child's all grown up when....

Freewheeling down the other side of the parenting mountain

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Make American Tea Great Again

Ugh. I hate flip-flop feet.

What's your favourite thing to do while you're on the toilet?

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A personal blog - the gift that keeps on giving

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