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My Chicago in 2016 as seen through my camera

January in Chicago - cold, clear and beautiful. Near Diversey Harbour.
My Chicago involves water. The lake that is more like a sea, the river that can turn green (and even blue), Lincoln Park’s North and South Ponds where I’ve spotted coyotes, muskrats and beavers have all been a revelation to me since we moved to Chicago 4 years ago. To me, they make Chicago feel... Read more »

My favourite piece of writing? The one that began 'Bumbum is busy'

The worst part about someone asking you what was the favourite thing you’ve written is that you start reading everything you’ve written. And if you’re supposed to write about this favourite thing in the space of an hour, the danger is you no longer have an hour to write, because you’ve spent the hour reading... Read more »

My top 5 discoveries this summer. No 1: time travel

It’s that time when your kids are working out how to squeeze a summer’s worth of holiday homework into a couple of weeks – or less. The cicadas may be singing their hearts out, but there’s that feeling in the air the end of summer is just around the corner. Which made me stop and... Read more »

How would you describe #ChicagoInFourWords

Sky full of towers
#Chicagoinfourwords came up as trending on my twitter feed over the 4th July weekend, so I was intrigued. Up near the top of the list were examples such as ‘Those are not fireworks’, and ‘Leave while you can’, which given recent headlines are hardly surprising. We can’t and shouldn’t ignore the shocking violence in Chicago,... Read more »

Ugh. I hate flip-flop feet.

We’ve just had a blissful long weekend here in Chicago. The sun shone, the sidewalks sizzled, and the feet were freed. Allowing your tootsies to feel their first breath of summer air is like letting dairy cows out into the fields after a winter cooped up in the barn. Across the city, you could almost... Read more »

10 things for summer I didn't know I needed until I went to Bed Bath & Beyond

The Woof Washer. I love the 'before and after' element to this photo. I'm assuming it comes with full instructions, including how to keep the dog perfectly still. If so, I'd buy it just for those.
Do you remember that shiver of excitement you’d get as a kid when the toy catalogues started to pop through the mail box in the run-up to Christmas? I still feel that way when the Bed Bath & Beyond flier comes through my door. I defy you to tell me you’re not the same  –... Read more »

10 gifts for the Chicago lover in your life

Chicago Skyline Thong - a skyline worthy of  adorning any bikini line. The perfect Chicago present for Grandma. From <a href="http://www.cafepress.com/+chicago_skyline_classic_thong,1309967805">CafePress.</a>
You may have family living away from home and missing Chicago dearly. You may, like me, be living away from home in Chicago and need to stock up on some Windy City goodies before you head back for the holidays. Either way, here are my top 10 Chicago-themed gifts for this year, chosen to be... Read more »

Bikinis and leafpiles? No way November

I saw a bikini on the beach this week. And it wasn’t just lying discarded on the sand, there was actually someone lying in it, thanks to the Indian summer we’ve been enjoying. Meanwhile I’ve just swept up 6 huge bags of leaves from the backyard. Here are a few other things I’ve not expected... Read more »

10 signs of Chicago 'Fallification'

It’s hard to believe earlier this week we were in shorts, T-shirts and flipflops. I was warned the seasons changed quickly in Chicago but I didn’t imagine temperature-wise, it would be from one day to the next. Especially when nothing happened on September 23, the Autumnal Equinox. I know we’ll probably have a few more... Read more »

How to catch glimpses of Hawaii from Chicago

We’ve just ticked off one huge item in our ‘Things to do while living in the US’ bucket list – we visited Hawaii. Needless to say attempts were made by some to stand up using wooden boards on white, frothy stuff in the water. I’m not calling it surfing because it certainly wasn’t. But we... Read more »