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My daily bread prayers are answered - at least the Northern Irish ones

I’ve solved the wheaten bread crisis. I thought the Irish Wheaten terrier might fill the gap but instead he just created them – in cushions, in carpets and in flipflops. And throughout, my craving continued for that moist, wheat germy loaf bread of my birthplace that just calls out to be eaten with slabs of... Read more »

7 wee things I'd forgotten I miss about Northern Ireland

First off is the bread. The round one at the front is what we know as soda bread, mixed together in minutes and cooked on a hot griddle until the inside is the consistency of warm cotton wool. <br>At the back is wheaten bread, made with wholemeal flour. But don't be cotton-woolled into thinking this is a concession to healthier eating, as it's usually consumed with slabs of butter as thick as the bread itself.<br> And the square one is doing a great job of trying to appear as if it's been square all its life but it actually started out as a potato. Usually yesterday's potato. Delicious fried alongside bacon so it soaks up all the flavours. Or I like it toasted, oozing with melted butter and then sprinkled with sugar. We Irish enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
How’s ’bout ye? Sticking out! I popped back home recently to wee Norn Iron to see the very wee mother. And realised there are a few things I miss when I’m not there. If I made you smile today, the wee facebook page thingy to the right always likes to be liked. Or if you’d... Read more »

Standing up for the 236 living leprechauns - and Rory McIlroy

In case you’re neither Northern Irish nor interested in golf, a Fox News reporter was heard on camera this week calling the world number one golfer Rory McIlroy a leprechaun. She then added she ‘couldn’t stand him’ which to me suggests being a leprechaun isn’t a particularly positive thing. I was a little bemused by... Read more »

The true spirit of St Patrick - bringing North and South together

The enthusiasm with which Chicago embraces St Patrick’s Day is infectious. But recently talking to friends about the upcoming celebrations, this wee girl from Northern Ireland has felt a little sadness creep in. Inevitably there are questions about North and South, Protestant and Catholic. For me, there is no difference. My father, who was Scottish,... Read more »

One less shade of green in Chicago this St Patrick's Day

This St Patrick’s Day will be the first when the greenest thing about the great big hole in the ground near Navy Pier will be any grass or weeds growing around it. Chicago Spire-land is no more. Last November the company owned by Irish developer Garrett Kelleher handed over the deed to what was to... Read more »

My beef with St Patrick's Day - and it's blue, not green

I love this time of the year. Suddenly everyone is as Irish as Barack O’Bama. But there’s more to being Irish than donning a silly hat and coloured sunglasses (unless you are Bono, of course). So in preparation for the big day, here’s my annual list of Irish insider “did you know”s to charm your... Read more »