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You'll need your Irish thinking hats on to find Paddy in Chicago today

Top of the morning to you from the top of a building. I’ve decided I’ve been too easy on you guys so far. Time for the Chicago Padvent Calendar to get really tricky. Or Irishy. So while the location of today’s ‘Where’s Paddy?’ may not be too difficult to work out, you’re coming to have... Read more »

Stop clicking your heels and open today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

Today’s ‘Where’s Paddy?’ has quite a story behind it. Well, 14 stories to be exact. It’s not exactly a trip down memory lane, but it’s certainly down a lane of some sort. It actually took a lot of courage on the part of my wee friend, but one thing I’ll say for him, what he thinks... Read more »

Paddy's trying not to be mobbed in day 5 of the Chicago Padvent Calendar

It’s Sunday. I know some of us may be feeling a little ‘tired’ today, so I’m going to go easy on you. Today’s Chicago Padvent calendar window is a place often associated with things Chirish. It’s also associated with the thing or things that may have left you feeling a little ‘tired’ today. But before... Read more »

Are you on the ball spotting 'Where's Paddy' in Chicago today?

The whistle’s blown, which means play has officially started in today’s Chicago Padvent Calendar. As you can see, Paddy’s been joined by a few photobombers. None of whom surprisingly seem to be looking at the giant stuffed leprechaun stuck on the roof. Then again, given you can actually drink a beer or two while watching... Read more »

Paddy's going to ground in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

First off, no, I didn’t misspell it. Chicago St Patrick’s Day Advent Calendar is just too long, so I’ve officially christened it the Chicago Padvent Calendar. Secondly, I’ll admit Paddy wasn’t really there in the photo. I couldn’t actually take him to today’s window, because today’s secret location has no windows, or walls, or anything... Read more »

Where's Paddy in Chicago today? Hanging out with a friend who can't be trumped.

Being Irish on St Patrick’s Day is like being Santa Claus himself. Everyone welcomes you into their homes – even Presidents of the United States. Of course, it’s really special if the President himself happens to be Irish. Or at least Irish-ish. Which apparently applies to 22 American presidents, including the previous occupant of 1600... Read more »

Where's Paddy? - Introducing the Chicago St Patrick's Day Advent Calendar

Why should Santa have all the fun? Last year I realised St Patrick’s Day in Chicago is just like Christmas, except the tree has only three leaves. This year I’m taking it one step further with the introduction of the Chicago St Patrick’s Day Advent Calendar – a virtual window to be opened each day... Read more »

Why St Patrick's Day reminds me about the best parts of being Irish

I’ve been looking forward to today for the past week – it’s St Patrick’s Day and I’m as excited as a toddler at Christmas. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why March 17th increasingly means more to me, and I think I’m a little closer to nailing it. St Patrick’s Day reminds me to be fully... Read more »

Waking up on St Patrick's Day is like Christmas, except the tree has three leaves

Do you see what I mean? Just like Christmas. I honestly feel this way when I wake up on March 17. I'm not telling you how I feel when I wake up on March 18. But a great Guinness advertisement. Whereas.....
For many Chicagoans out there, you could be forgiven for thinking I’ve missed the boat. Surely, begorrah and bejeebers, St Patrick’s Day is well and truly over for another year. The river turned green, the parades paraded, and the drinkers drank. But you’ve still time to get your green on, as a fair few of... Read more »

Donna Day: St Baldrick's, St Patrick and childhood cancer

If you have a child, a grandchild, a nephew, a niece, you’re going to want to give them the biggest hug imaginable. Because this is about the roughest of stuff, the saddest of stories. It’s about childhood cancer, the number one disease killer of children in the US. And it’s about what you can do... Read more »