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Holy Shimmering Shamrocks, Batman - it's St Patrick's day

Happy St Patrick’s Day! That’s it. I’m done. I’m out. I’m off to have some fun. You might have sensed the silliness level was increasing over the past day or two. I mean, Mickey Mouse and bunny ears. Who’d do that to their little leprechaun. I did in fact receive a nasty comment from a... Read more »

Paddy's off on a wild bunny chase in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

I’m beginning to see little green men in my dreams, so I reckon it’s almost St Patrick’s Day. Just one more sleep, as we say at home. My personal little green man can’t wait, as then he’s hoping to get some sleep himself. This whole Chicago Padvent thing has taken quite a lot out of... Read more »

Once upon a time in Chicago, there was a leprechaun called Paddy....

We’re nearly there. It’s almost time for you to don that green leprechaun hat hiding at the back of your closet, and to hunt out the one green sweater you possess so that you can feel part of the madness that sweeps the nation, nay the world, on March 17. And this year, you can... Read more »

No rush to find Paddy in Chicago today as he's stuck in a holding pattern

The days are flying by now. I wasn’t sure back in February whether I’d be able to get this whole Chicago Padvent Calendar thing off the ground. I knew I’d have to sneak a few cheeky Irish connections in under the radar, and I was worried it would all be seen as a complete flight... Read more »

Because two parades and one green river doth not St Patrick's Day make

I’m still here. And so is Paddy. Because despite all the shenanigans of the past weekend here in Chicago, with rivers and beer turning green, and those darned bagpipe players turning up everywhere, it’s still not St Patrick’s Day, and so the Chicago Padvent Calendar continues. All the way to March 17. Now I’m assuming there may... Read more »

Paddy's on a mission from God somewhere in Chicago today

So you think you've a good idea what this is about....
Today’s ‘Where’s Paddy?’ is a beauty, even if I say so myself. It’s a bit like getting that chunky, double-helping-of-chocolate snowman around day 13 of the Christmas Advent calendar. So much more satisfying than a measly old candle. I appreciate you may not be able to tell much from the ‘before’ pictures so I’ve given you... Read more »

Where's Paddy? Is that him in a certain Chicago bar?

Well, here it is, it’s arrived. The day you either love or hate. Or can’t remember past 7:30 am. The day of greening and glugging, parading and prancing; the day when you actually might get lucky if you wear a T-shirt that says ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’; the day all makers of green bead necklaces... Read more »

Where's Paddy in Chicago today? Back where it all started.

As you can see, Paddy today has got himself into a bit of a tight spot somewhere in Chicago. Leprechauns are great at that sort of thing. They’re always where the trouble is – usually because they’re the ones who start it. But on this occasion he wasn’t to blame. I mention that, because blame... Read more »

It's no small fry finding Paddy in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

Do you know what? We’re exactly half way through the Chicago Padvent Calendar. Eight days behind us, and eight more to come. I think you deserve a little treat, especially as you’ve been very good and not had a single chocolate. So I’ve organised today’s window especially, in the hope that it gives you a... Read more »

Paddy is plumbing new depths in today's Chicago Padvent Calendar

The wee fella’s off again. Honestly, you can’t keep him in any one place for more than a few hours. Just look where I caught him this morning – sticking his head in where he had no business to be. Although that’s not exactly true. Because today’s Chicago Padvent window has to do with something that... Read more »