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So do real sailors roll up their underwear neatly when they go to bed?

I’m learning to sail. And the first thing that struck me after Lesson One was whether the sign of a real sailor is when they’re as neat and tidy in their own homes as they are on their boats. Because if we all lived life on earth the same way as life on board, there... Read more »

You'll need your Irish thinking hats on to find Paddy in Chicago today

Top of the morning to you from the top of a building. I’ve decided I’ve been too easy on you guys so far. Time for the Chicago Padvent Calendar to get really tricky. Or Irishy. So while the location of today’s ‘Where’s Paddy?’ may not be too difficult to work out, you’re coming to have... Read more »

Are you on the ball spotting 'Where's Paddy' in Chicago today?

The whistle’s blown, which means play has officially started in today’s Chicago Padvent Calendar. As you can see, Paddy’s been joined by a few photobombers. None of whom surprisingly seem to be looking at the giant stuffed leprechaun stuck on the roof. Then again, given you can actually drink a beer or two while watching... Read more »

Did you hear the one about President Trump, Rory McIlroy and the round of golf?

So it was a round of golf in the end. Not just a few holes as the White House originally stated took place at the weekend between President Trump and the wee fella from Northern Ireland, Rory McIlroy. But a full 18 holes because the World No 1 leader obviously enjoyed the company of the... Read more »

Breakfasts in America: Our local Irish pub in Chicago watching Man Utd

I have little doubt my father would be proud of me, my grandmothers perhaps less so, but most weekends in Chicago will find me entering our local Irish hostelry shortly after the doors open. We have our regular spot and our regular orders, but our beverage of choice is served by the pot, not the... Read more »

Ireland rugby team breaks its own curse in Chicago by beating the All Blacks

Chicago’s on fire this week. Right after the Cubs baseball team ended their 108-year World Series drought blamed on a goat, the city was instrumental in breaking an even longer curse that has lasted since 1905. For this weekend at Soldier Field, the Ireland rugby team beat the All Blacks by 40-29, their first win... Read more »

10 essential gifts for Chicago Cubs fans to celebrate the World Series championship

A Dooney & Bourke woman's wristlet. Just the thing to carry to all of next season's games. Especially the White Sox ones.<br><br>
<a href="http://www.fanatics.com/MLB_Chicago_Cubs_Accessories/Chicago_Cubs_Dooney_And_Bourke_Womens_2016_World_Series_Champions_Team_Color_Wristlet_-_Blue">Fanatics.com</a>
You’ve supported them for 108 years (well, not all of them obviously), you’ve lived and died a thousand times over the last month or so, you were one of the estimated 5 million people who turned out for the parade to celebrate the Chicago Cubs’ historic victory in the World Series championship. So of course you... Read more »

Spare a thought for the poor Cubs fans who've never NOT won a World Series

You die-hard Chicago Cubs fans who’ve had to wait 108 years before winning the World Series, you don’t know how lucky you are! This is the best moment in your life, the best moment to remember the lives of all the fathers and mothers and grandparents who didn’t get a chance to see the Cubs... Read more »

Fool's guide to understanding a baseball report from a first-time Cubs fan

You remember those long distant days when you hadn’t mastered the niceties of nuclear physics, and were completely lost reading about Proca’s equations of the massive vector boson field. I know right – seems so long ago now. Well, that’s how I feel reading a report of a Cubs game in the current World Series.... Read more »

The Chicago Cubs in numbers - superstitious ones

Nov 2 update: the Cubs made it through to Game 7 after being 1-3 down at one stage in the series. Right after Game 6 ended, the first pitch time for the final game was changed to 19:00 Chicago local from the previously scheduled 19:08. If they thought that was going to stop the Cubs winning….... Read more »