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My son is the same age as the Good Friday Agreement - why that matters

Our Belfast-born son turns 20 this summer, the same age as the Good Friday Agreement, signed on April 10th, 1998, that marked the start of the end of what in Northern Ireland was known as ‘the Troubles‘. Throughout his life, he’s heard me talk about the Troubles. But the Belfast I’ve described, a city of... Read more »

No one asked me if Theresa (with an 'h') May - or may not - meet Donald Trump

‘May I?’ is such a polite turn of phrase. But in most cases, it really means ‘I’m doing this anyway, pal, but I’ll observe the social niceties and ask your permission while sounding oh-so-posh at the same time’. It’s how I imagine I would have been asked about Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, addressing... Read more »

Dear Donald, Sorry about the carpet stains. Regards, Barack.

Dear Donald, Sorry about the carpet stains. We’d a smooth ride with Bo, but Sunny had her own idea about what was outside and what wasn’t, and apparently the area near your new office was – at least for pooping purposes. If I saw her heading that way, I’d catch her. But she could outrun... Read more »

The night Michelle Obama showed she was first and foremost a mother

My boys made fun of me as I teared up watching President Obama give his farewell speech in Chicago on January 10. It was the moment he praised his wife Michelle, the moment when he acknowledged the life she has led over the past eight years has not been of her own choosing. But that... Read more »

Dear Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, this Thanksgiving I thank you for...

So you’re probably thinking, what on earth can you thank that person for. ‘That person’ being either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump depending on your political leanings. But if you notice, I said ‘Dear Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’. ‘And’ not ‘or’. Because that ‘and’ matters this week as it’s Thanksgiving, the time America is supposed... Read more »

Dear everyone - to be read on November 9

I know there are many angry people out there today. Many disappointed, upset, anxious, possibly frightened people. It doesn’t matter who won, which party won, or who won what. I’ve written this on November 8 because no matter the outcome, America is a country divided, but hopefully not a divided country. Not yet anyway. I’ve... Read more »

Furniture shopping Donald Trump-style. Or Hillary Clinton

A lamp for those who may  think the actual Statue of Liberty only rates <a href="http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/10/20/hillary_clinton_mocks_trump_at_alfred_smith_dinner_he_sees_the_statue_of_liberty_as_a_4.html">a  '4'</a>.
I’m still bothered by that 2005 Donald Trump tape. I can’t stop thinking about it. Furniture shopping? Really? We’ve a presidential candidate boasting about his ability to touch women, not in a ‘hearts and minds’ kind of way, and who uses furniture shopping as a ploy? Moreover he says he knows where to buy ‘nice’ furniture.... Read more »

Sorry autumn, I've fallen for fall

Fall is one of those cross-over words, that designate you as US English or UK English. Like pants and trousers, eraser and rubber, fanny and the word beginning with P used by Donald Trump in the now infamous 2005 tape (yes, fanny does mean that in the UK). And this year, I’ve crossed over from autumn... Read more »

I spent the presidential debate behind a cushion, just like a Hallowe'en horror movie

Oh man! I just couldn’t watch the second presidential debate. The TV was on, we were in front of it, but I couldn’t actually watch so much of it. Because presidential it was not, and if it were a two-way screen, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would have seen me cowering behind a cushion. As... Read more »

What's great about 'my bad'. And what if Hillary or Donald used it.

If there’s one expression I’ve come to love in America, it’s ‘my bad’. It’s taken a while for me to feel comfortable saying it, but my husband would argue I’ve never been comfortable saying ‘I’m sorry’ – at least to him. But I’ve embraced ‘my bad’ because to my mind it goes much further than... Read more »