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Is there a 'Chicago snow no-show' clause because I'd like a refund?

I’d like a refund please, as I feel there’s been a serious misrepresentation of the season known as ‘winter’ this year in Chicago. When I first considered living in this fair city, I was promised snow. Loads of it. Mounds of it. Mountains of it. Every year without fail. In compliance, our first two winters... Read more »

My Chicago in 2016 as seen through my camera

January in Chicago - cold, clear and beautiful. Near Diversey Harbour.
My Chicago involves water. The lake that is more like a sea, the river that can turn green (and even blue), Lincoln Park’s North and South Ponds where I’ve spotted coyotes, muskrats and beavers have all been a revelation to me since we moved to Chicago 4 years ago. To me, they make Chicago feel... Read more »

Time to say goodbye to our old friend, the snow-free sidewalk

He’s likely to be leaving Chicago this weekend, and I’ve no idea when he’ll be back – maybe weeks, most possibly months. I’ll miss seeing him, his predictability, his solidity, the way he’s always there as soon as you step out of your home in the morning. But you could tell he was getting ready to... Read more »

10 ways to be a good Chicago neighbour this winter

Yeah, I know I spelled it with a ‘u’. But I’m a blow-in, an out-of-towner, an out-of-country-er in fact, who’s facing her fourth Chicago winter. Where I hail from, neighbours have a ‘u’, and it’s a gentle reminder that to be a good one, ‘u’ need to play a part. So here’s my Chirish list... Read more »

Sorry autumn, I've fallen for fall

Fall is one of those cross-over words, that designate you as US English or UK English. Like pants and trousers, eraser and rubber, fanny and the word beginning with P used by Donald Trump in the now infamous 2005 tape (yes, fanny does mean that in the UK). And this year, I’ve crossed over from autumn... Read more »

My top 5 discoveries this summer. No 1: time travel

It’s that time when your kids are working out how to squeeze a summer’s worth of holiday homework into a couple of weeks – or less. The cicadas may be singing their hearts out, but there’s that feeling in the air the end of summer is just around the corner. Which made me stop and... Read more »

How would you describe #ChicagoInFourWords

Sky full of towers
#Chicagoinfourwords came up as trending on my twitter feed over the 4th July weekend, so I was intrigued. Up near the top of the list were examples such as ‘Those are not fireworks’, and ‘Leave while you can’, which given recent headlines are hardly surprising. We can’t and shouldn’t ignore the shocking violence in Chicago,... Read more »

Ugh. I hate flip-flop feet.

We’ve just had a blissful long weekend here in Chicago. The sun shone, the sidewalks sizzled, and the feet were freed. Allowing your tootsies to feel their first breath of summer air is like letting dairy cows out into the fields after a winter cooped up in the barn. Across the city, you could almost... Read more »

Wilmot Mtn is the new Vail - at least for Chicago skiers

Despite hailing from rainy rather than snowy climes, we are a family of skiers. It’s our thing. We cut our snowplow teeth when we lived in France, but we truly found our ski feet here in the USA, and in particular in Vail. So I was pretty excited to read this week the mountain has... Read more »

Forget Nessie: exclusive photo of Chicago's very own North Pond monster

I’ve been watching it now for the past few weeks but never had my camera to hand. Yesterday I was lucky. The frigid weather had forced Northie to come even further out of the water than usual. It was almost as if it were staring straight into the lens. I shivered. But then it was... Read more »