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Putting myself out there for the first time in 30 years

I hadn’t done this for a long time – over 30 years in fact. And that had been in a different land. So you can understand I was a little apprehensive. It was like a job interview, a first date  – although again it’s been a long time since I’ve had either of those. Not... Read more »

7 wee things I'd forgotten I miss about Northern Ireland

First off is the bread. The round one at the front is what we know as soda bread, mixed together in minutes and cooked on a hot griddle until the inside is the consistency of warm cotton wool. <br>At the back is wheaten bread, made with wholemeal flour. But don't be cotton-woolled into thinking this is a concession to healthier eating, as it's usually consumed with slabs of butter as thick as the bread itself.<br> And the square one is doing a great job of trying to appear as if it's been square all its life but it actually started out as a potato. Usually yesterday's potato. Delicious fried alongside bacon so it soaks up all the flavours. Or I like it toasted, oozing with melted butter and then sprinkled with sugar. We Irish enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
How’s ’bout ye? Sticking out! I popped back home recently to wee Norn Iron to see the very wee mother. And realised there are a few things I miss when I’m not there. If I made you smile today, the wee facebook page thingy to the right always likes to be liked. Or if you’d... Read more »

What does your Chicago sound like?

Something happened this week which made me realise it’s not just certain sights you associate with a particular city – it’s sounds as well. So here’s my Chicago ‘Top 10’. The pronounciation of ‘Devon’ and ‘Goethe’ by Mr CTA on the bus –  now sealed in my auditory memory as ‘Ger-te’ and ‘De-vonne’, thanks to voiceover... Read more »

My famous Chicago mothers list - not all of them are human

Famous Chicago mothers – whom do you think of? Michelle Obama? Gloria Swanson? Betty Ford? Here’s my alternative list. Bertha Palmer, helped give birth to the chocolate brownie – Mrs Palmer was a well-known Chicago socialite and wife to Potter Palmer, owner of the Palmer House Hotel. During the World Columbian Exposition of 1893, Mrs... Read more »

What's that drawing around the pothole, Mum? Is it a slug?

One man on the other side of the Atlantic has adopted a head-on approach to pothole repair. He’s drawing attention to the worst street offenders by drawing giant male phalluses (standing to attention) around them. The mysterious ‘Wanksy’ (in a nod to street artist Banksy) has taken to the streets of Greater Manchester in England... Read more »

The six-plus degrees of separation between Chicago and Miami Beach

We arrived in Miami Beach from Chicago this week when both cities were 24 degrees – except one was Fahrenheit, and the other Celsius. It’s not the only difference I’ve noticed. 1. Chicago is a city where much of the year you can never wear too many clothes; in Miami Beach, most of the year, you... Read more »

How Chicago driving measures up to Rio, Paris, NY - and Hanoi

I’ve driven the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Paris and New York, and the first thing I noticed driving the streets of Chicago was how polite and courteous my fellow car-going Chicagoans are in comparison. So long as all parties concerned are on four wheels. Here in Chicago, you not only stop at red lights,... Read more »