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So do real sailors roll up their underwear neatly when they go to bed?

I’m learning to sail. And the first thing that struck me after Lesson One was whether the sign of a real sailor is when they’re as neat and tidy in their own homes as they are on their boats. Because if we all lived life on earth the same way as life on board, there... Read more »

The art of giving directions

There’s one tried and tested recipe in our household that guarantees a matrimonial meltdown. It actually doesn’t involve the house at all – just the husband, me, a car and the need to get from a to b. It’s worked for the past 25 years, and while the tempers are perhaps slower to rise these... Read more »

What's worse: being dragged off a plane or dragged through the press?

The doctor forcibly dragged off United Airlines Flight 3411 on April 9 has been identified as Dr David Dao. Unfortunately for the doctor, that’s not all we now know about him thanks to the world’s press. I’m not going to repeat the facts that have been unearthed about the doctor’s past, and I understand that even... Read more »

United - how is dragging a passenger off a flight an example of 'Friendly Skies'?

If you don’t yet know what this blog post is about, please first watch the video below. It’s very short, but does contain sounds you might not want your kids, work colleagues or random strangers to hear. Just to let you know. And then ask yourself what this could be about. If you do know... Read more »

No rush to find Paddy in Chicago today as he's stuck in a holding pattern

The days are flying by now. I wasn’t sure back in February whether I’d be able to get this whole Chicago Padvent Calendar thing off the ground. I knew I’d have to sneak a few cheeky Irish connections in under the radar, and I was worried it would all be seen as a complete flight... Read more »

What if the UK/USA 'special relationship' meant Brexit led to BritUS?

There’s all this fuss going on about whether the UK should leave the EU. I’ll not bore American readers with the ins and outs of the in-out campaign (the BBC explains it here), but silly rules over things like abnormally curved bananas, higher than predicted immigration, and a very high ‘club’ membership fee have irked enough... Read more »

Spelling out how to spend Valentine's Day in Chicago: first stop, Viagra Triangle

C’mon, let’s get all smoochy and cheesy. It’s Valentine’s Day – do you want me to spell out how to spend the day in Chicago? Fair enough, here we go. V for Viagra Triangle. Where else to get you in the mood. I’ve provided a map if you’re not sure what I’m on about. Although apparently... Read more »

Traveling back in time for story of the DeLorean, the 'Back to the Future' car

It’s ‘Back to the Future’ Day and no image is more symbolic of the whole spirit of time travel than the flip-doored DeLorean used by Marty McFly and Doc Brown to transport themselves forward to October 21, 2015. To mark the event, a group of students from Queen’s University Belfast have been working on the... Read more »

Could the Marathon have been a better international advertisement for Chicago?

You’ve probably just had your best moment in the sun this year Chicago. Your marathon was a stunner – yes, perhaps a little warm for those heading towards the finish line in the middle of the day. But the photos, the video footage that will be shown again and again on screens across the world... Read more »

To all overseas visitors heading to the Chicago Marathon

I’m no runner but I’ve just started finding my feet in Chicago after moving here over two years ago. So if you’re from overseas and are on your way to this Sunday’s Chicago Marathon, here are my very tongue-in-cheek (ie Irish) suggestions for all those necessary pre-event preparations. For a short, intense work-out – Forget... Read more »