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My favourite piece of writing? The one that began 'Bumbum is busy'

The worst part about someone asking you what was the favourite thing you’ve written is that you start reading everything you’ve written. And if you’re supposed to write about this favourite thing in the space of an hour, the danger is you no longer have an hour to write, because you’ve spent the hour reading... Read more »

Ugh. I hate flip-flop feet.

We’ve just had a blissful long weekend here in Chicago. The sun shone, the sidewalks sizzled, and the feet were freed. Allowing your tootsies to feel their first breath of summer air is like letting dairy cows out into the fields after a winter cooped up in the barn. Across the city, you could almost... Read more »

America - meet Eurovision, the Miss Universe of song contests

<iframe width="500" height="375" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br>Let's start with the As and the Bs. How many of you know the world might not have known ABBA without Eurovision. Imagine - no 'Dancing Queen', no 'Mamma Mia' (the song nor the musical), no 'Take a chance on me'. I can hardly bear thinking about it.<br><br>Here they are in 1974 singing their little hearts out to Waterloo. Plus this will take you back to a time when commentators would say things like 'if the judges were all men..., I'm sure this group would get a lot of votes'.
America, you are about to witness the spirit of Europe. This Saturday, May 14, the Eurovision Song Contest is being broadcast live for the first time in the USA, and it is a cultural institution not to be missed, bringing together the best and the worst, the weird and the wonderful, the out-of-tune and the... Read more »

If you can wear a onesie at 30, why not a bikini at 90?

There’s a photo currently doing the social media rounds of a lovely Australian lady, Irene Carney, sporting a spotted bikini on her family cruise. The newsworthy aspect is that Irene is 90 years old. Yes, you read correctly, 90, and you can see how well she looks here. We’ve all heard those ‘rules’ about what... Read more »

What kind of message is that to send our girls out unprotected?

As a mother, I’m appalled. What message is that to send a girl out there unprotected? After so many years of chanting as they leave – ‘you might need it later’, ‘you’ll catch something otherwise’, or ‘better safe than sorry.’ I am, of course, talking about the Great Hatless Scandal of 2016 (be it, only... Read more »

10 gifts for the Chicago lover in your life

Chicago Skyline Thong - a skyline worthy of  adorning any bikini line. The perfect Chicago present for Grandma. From <a href=",1309967805">CafePress.</a>
You may have family living away from home and missing Chicago dearly. You may, like me, be living away from home in Chicago and need to stock up on some Windy City goodies before you head back for the holidays. Either way, here are my top 10 Chicago-themed gifts for this year, chosen to be... Read more »

The Joy of Socks Club

I realised last night pairing up the socks in the laundry basket has become a pre-bedtime midlife pleasure. Twoplay instead of foreplay, if you will. We were watching the ‘The West Wing’, the youth sprawled on the sofa, the man in the process of nodding off. You know that scene, you’ve been there. It’s a moment... Read more »

10 un-Hallowe'eny things given the spooky sales treatment

I can forget Quinoa Burgers apparently - they're 'so last year'. But these frozen beet and carrot sticks are guaranteed to make any little visitors 'shriek with glee'. So that's what that noise is. Their sense of humour (it is meant to be a joke, right?) would almost make me buy all my Hallowe'en goodies at Trader Joe's. That and the fact we have actually seen sales assistants stocking the shelves while seated in the Lotus Position.
I was wondering what to buy ahead of October 31 for our local trick or treaters, but thankfully I caught this week’s radio spot from Trader Joe’s. You can see this year’s treat of choice below. Plus it started me looking for other surprising products that have been given a Hallowe’en makeover. Made you smile?... Read more »

Could the Marathon have been a better international advertisement for Chicago?

You’ve probably just had your best moment in the sun this year Chicago. Your marathon was a stunner – yes, perhaps a little warm for those heading towards the finish line in the middle of the day. But the photos, the video footage that will be shown again and again on screens across the world... Read more »

10 signs of Chicago 'Fallification'

It’s hard to believe earlier this week we were in shorts, T-shirts and flipflops. I was warned the seasons changed quickly in Chicago but I didn’t imagine temperature-wise, it would be from one day to the next. Especially when nothing happened on September 23, the Autumnal Equinox. I know we’ll probably have a few more... Read more »