The first thing to know about me is that I can't say 'about' properly.

Well, I can in Northern Ireland where I grew up. But to everyone else on the planet, the typical Norn Iron greeting of 'How's about you?' would actually sound like 'Bite ye!'

The accent has survived living in London, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, New York and is now being put to the test in Chicago. The question is, will it become a Northern Chirish accent?

I hope so. We love Chicago, even if our first experience of winter here was a polar vortex. Let's face it - your beaches are as good as Rio's, your museums rival those in London, your architecture as grandiose as that of Paris AND you've a much better St Patrick’s Day parade than New York.

My blogging life began in the US as a newyorksubalien before evolving into a chirishchatterer. But hopefully you can still hear the accent in my writing. I’ve learned a great deal over the past 7 years this side of the pond - but saying 'water' correctly isn't one of them. Any suggestions to chirishchatter@hotmail.com.