Where's Paddy? Is that him in a certain Chicago bar?

Well, here it is, it’s arrived. The day you either love or hate. Or can’t remember past 7:30 am. The day of greening and glugging, parading and prancing; the day when you actually might get lucky if you wear a T-shirt that says ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’; the day all makers of green bead necklaces live for; it’s the day of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Chicago.

And yes, there may be some alcohol involved. Or so Paddy told me. The thing is I then sent him out to ‘test the waters’ ahead of the big day, and guess what, he hasn’t returned. Can you guess which Chicago bar I sent him to? And if you happen to come across him, could you send him home in time for tomorrow’s window.

And tell him I promise I won’t have a go at him….

If you want to stock up on your Chirish credentials before you head out for the big parade, just click on ‘Where’s Paddy?‘ and you’ll be green enough to be kissed, with or without the T-shirt.

Another dose of Chirish-ness tomorrow. But if you can’t wait until then, you could always read this –

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