You'll need your Irish thinking hats on to find Paddy in Chicago today

Top of the morning to you from the top of a building. I’ve decided I’ve been too easy on you guys so far. Time for the Chicago Padvent Calendar to get really tricky. Or Irishy. So while the location of today’s ‘Where’s Paddy?’ may not be too difficult to work out, you’re coming to have to think really, really, REALLY out of the box to come up with today’s Irish connection. Ready?

You’re doing great by the way. I haven’t caught any of you trying to steal chocolate leprechauns from the rest of the calendar while I’m not looking. But just in case you want to check if you’ve missed any, you can always click on the ‘Where’s Paddy?’ tab at the top of the page.

Same time, same place tomorrow. Until then, here’s something you might enjoy which is in line with today’s challenge. Although in case you haven’t worked it out yet, I’m not telling you why.

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